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  1. at the risk of sounding like a complete moron, i'm going to post this question in hopes that i will finally have an answer.

    i've had this bass for about a year now.. nice well made, off-brand but very nice. It's got a passive p/j combination, very nice bass. then i sold my ibanez.. it sucked but that's besides the point.

    I need to know what each of the four knobs do (lol...)
    i'm lefty, so right handed they would look sort of like this:
    O O
    __O O
    i know that two are volume, one bass and one treble..all i know though is that i set it by ear, not having any idea which one is which. the controls aren't all that good, however. if they were, i'm sure i would have heard the differences by now.
    can anyone help me? i believe this is semi-standard, so maybe someone out there will know.
    (i'm almost positive that the top two are volume, but the question is raised which volume controls which pickup...)

  2. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
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    this probly won't help u, but then again it mite :)

    i have a bass with this arrangments of knobs (not an ibanez) mine are Volume, Pan between pickups, Bass, Treble

    1-O 2-O
    3-O 4-O

    4=pan pickups

    probly not the same as your bass, but hey

    hope u sort it out

  3. the most common config is like this :

    .E ^^ strings ^^

    1 = volume
    2 = bass
    3 = balance
    4 = trebble.
  4. I got an old off brand "series 10" with a P and J config.
    heres how its set up.



    1. neck (P) pup tone
    2. neck pup volume
    3. bridge (J) pup tone
    4. bridge pup volume

    both tone pots are scratchy...other than that this old cheapo bass has held up good.
  5. catwig1


    Mar 4, 2001
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    Do any of the knobs have centre detents? If they do then they are prob the bass or treble. The knobs that don't will be the pickup volumes. If all the knobs turn smoothly then turn all the knobs down and turn one of them up. If it does nothing:
    --> It is bass or treble, turn it back down and try another. If it does:
    --> It is a volume control. Turn it up all the way (all the other knobs fully down) and tap one of the pickups.
    Once you know which pickup it controls turn it back down and try the others till you find the other volume. Then turn up the pickup volumes and turn one of the other controls up, it should be pretty obvious which one is the bass or treble.
    Are you sure you have two volume controls? If three of the controls have centre detents then you prob have a master volume and a pan.
    I hope this makes sense to you:).