pluckin fingers stallin against the strings

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  1. x15


    Feb 4, 2003
    New Delhi, India
    uh hey.
    i live in india, and right now, the temperature is like 50 degree C.
    past 3-4 days, my pluckin fingers been draggin against the E strings. maybe its me but i feel a lot slower than usual. (the strings are just a month old)
    have the strings expanded or- **** have my fingers gotten fatter.
    um help.

  2. watt

    watt TalkBass Pro Supporting Member


    50 degrees c is 122 degrees f - I would certainly think heat had something to do w/it, making you a little weak and not being able to lift your fingers up high enough to clear the strings.

    take it easy in those kind of conditions!

    on bass, watt