Plucking near the bridge ?

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  1. I went out to a swank jazz club / martini lounge last night and heard a pretty cool local band. The bass player was playing a 20th aniversary Stingray through a homemade combo amp. The amp was a Peavy 1X12 cab with a Trace Elliot head that was taken out of one of the 1X10 Trace combos. He was getting a huge, warm, fat sound!!!

    I asked him during a set break what his EQ was set to and he told me his onboard 3-band EQ was maxed on all 3 knobs and his graphic EQ looked kinda' like a wide "W".

    What puzzled me even more is that he was plucking the strings way down by the bridge, between the pup and bridge, and still getting a big warm tone.. :confused:

    I guess my question is, how many of you with active basses crank up your onboard EQ like that?

    I really envied this guy's right hand technique because he had a very light touch and played so far back by the bridge, it seemed effortless.

    Now I have to go home at lunch and mess with my active Jazz Bass... :D
  2. ApeIsHigh81


    Aug 24, 2004
    My uncle plays a sterling in a jazz trio and has his onboard eq the same-all on full, though I'm not sure where the pickup switch is at. He uses a old beat Peavey 12" combo amp with the settings somewhat similar to that w you mentioned. I play my passive jazz through a Peavey basic112 and I'm still suprised at the huge tone I get out, of course I have the lows on full and the low mids at noon.

    I can't wait until my right hand gets that smooth "second-nature" technique you're talking about. Isn't it the greatest to watch!?!?
  3. I don't have an active, but I do crank my amp's built in EQ like that -- somebody needs a preamp.