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Plucking problems

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by gm jack, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. gm jack

    gm jack

    Oct 5, 2008
    Reading UK
    I have noticed recently that when I pluck the strings, my fingers always end up touching the pickup in addition to the string below. I play with my thumb anchored on the bridge pickup, and play directly over the bridge pickup.

    Tonally, this position is perfect for me. However, is this a technique/too high pickup problem than I need to sort out? I fear I am only getting away with it at the moment because I have no exposed pole pieces.
  2. I think, from how you described, you're dragging your fingers down onto the pickup. If you bridge your arm over the body of the bass more, you should find your hand changes position so the back of your hand and knuckles are angled facing your pickup. If you curl your fingers round instead of playing with them fairly straight out (I'm just assuming you play like this by the way) your fingers should no longer hit the pickup after you have plucked your string. Let me knoe if this has helped you at all man
  3. I am trying to picture myself playing and hitting the lower string AND the pick up. You must be getting your fingers in there really deep. If you are playing (Let's say 4 string) and you hit the open A your fingers should end up resting on the E, at least mine do. I use t as a backstop. If I was hitting the D while trying to hit the A that sounds like a Technique problem.
    Is your action where you want it to be? If you hold downthe E string on the first fret and the last fret do you have some space between the neck and the string at the 12th fret? you should...
    why you would be hitting the pick up I don't know. It could be up too high but you would notice that by how far the string sit from it. I had to adjust my truss rod and pickup height to fit my playing. I beat the crap out of my strings so I like high action...
  4. I don't think I have ever played "correctly" though. I never come from under the string, I'm always playing to fast. It is more of a side angle I take. I rest my thumb on the pick up or B string (got a 5er) and my hand is never opened more than the farthest string..Don't know if that makes sense...can you post pictures?
  5. Jools4001

    Jools4001 Supporting Member

    Some people put a ramp between their pickups or between the end of the fingerboard and pickup so that their fingers can pluck downwards and come to rest on the ramp, or the pickup depending on their anchoring position.

    Unless your fingers are creating mechanical noise like clicking on the pup, I wouldn't sweat it. I don't normally pluck down through the string and let my fingers rest on the pup, but I do from time to time to create a different plucking dynamic...doesn't seem to do any harm and works for me when I choose to use that technique
  6. Yeah, I was just giving a technique example if you're worried about hitting the pickup. Theres loads of different techniques to use when you're playing depending on what you're playing and the dynamics of the song. Maybe you should just experiment with how hard you play and change your playing positions around to see what works for you.

    But if it isn't causing you a massive problem then go with the 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' motto.
  7. And like danstefl was saying about 'playing correctly' it's better to develop your own technique that works effectively for yourself

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