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  1. Okay, you guys are going to start punishing me as I cannot shut up about this bass. I just picked mine up 2 days ago and can't put it down. This is the finest sounding and playing bass, probably ever! Mine has Elixir Polywebs on it right now, and it's bright and punchy without sounding brittle. Has a great mid-range "honk" if you need it, and plenty of warm lows. I don't know if it's the strings or the extremely low action that the 35" scale affords, but it plays almost EFFORTLESSLY. I'm instantly a better player by about 2 notches.

    If there's guys out there that think a $400 bass is good enough and plays and sounds great, just don't ever pick up this bass, 'cuz you'll prove yourself wrong. You will not believe the difference a quality instrument makes. I always thought it was the player and not the instrument, which is very true, but having a fine instrument in your hands makes a lot of difference.

    Oh, did I mention I was playing for 2 hours last night through a cheapo, worn-out Crate 50-watt combo, and still sounded awesome!

    PEAVEY ROCKS! Try a Cirrus out today.

    (no, I am not affiliated with Peavey, but now wish I had stock in the company if this is the quality they now produce!)
  2. embellisher

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    Yeah, the Cirrus is great. Blows away a lot of basses that cost more than it does.
  3. Ívar Þórólfsson

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Kopavogur, Iceland
    Wow.....I had never given Peavy basses any thought, that is until this thread came along. I just checked out their website and looked at the Cirrus´s beautiful.
    Damn me all that GAS :)
  4. hyperlitem

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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    i tried out a couple cirrus's in a local store a while ago. I'm in a punk band so i decided on a stingray. after i played the cirrus i was very impressed, wasn;t the exact tone i was after but an amazing tone none the less. i looked at the price tag laughed and left. i laughed becuase

    1. its a peavey and i wouldn't pay that much for itA(stupid assumption huh)

    2. it was the same price and my brand new ray

    3. it was grossly overpriced

    i didn't even look for any other ciruss's after that. i foiund out about a month later that that bass was waaaay over priced at that store. They wanted close to 2 grand for a new one. If i'm not mistakenn you can get a new one for close to 1 grand.
  5. BassMan2000


    Sep 27, 2000
    is that american or canadian?
  6. I got my 4-string for $800 US, with it's own hard case.

    again, to clarify Cirrus = Butter
  7. hyperlitem

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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    that was 2 grand american, yea well i dont shop ther anymore.
  8. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Here's a thought:

    In a couple of years, some people who started on Cirruses will be thinking of upgrading to some more prestigious brand and selling their Peaveys. Result: A flood of Cirruses in the used market! Can you conceive getting one of those basses for ~$500-$750??

    Better things come for those who wait. (why isn't there a "plotting" smiley?)
  9. Funny thing, kind of... that's exactly what I'm doing now to my 6 string Cirrus, selling it. Man, I love the bass and the thing looks so nice and sounds so tasty, but I'm in a state of financial hardship and can't afford to have it any more. I know I'm going to be kicking myself when I let it go, but all I can say is that I least I had the chance of owning one, as brief as it was.

    For anyone else out there who doesn't get the point of this thread, TRY A CIRRUS! but if you're in my situation, DO NOT!
  10. Ryan L.

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    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND

    I have yet to find a bass that I like better than my Cirrus 5. I don't think it is gonna be going anywhere for a loooonnnngg time. Definitely a keeper.

    hyperlitem--That wouldn't have been a tiger-eye model, would it?? They are more expensive than the other Cirrus'.
  11. is the bass japan/korean/chinese/indonesian made?
    if it is i don't want it cause good chance it's cheap!
  12. American made.
    Quality made in every respect.
  13. ahhh, yu no lika dah chiney basses?

    The Cirrus is made in the good old USA, in Meridien Mississippi.
  14. embellisher

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    Umm, Japanese basses are dang near as good as American, and there are some mighty fine Koreans out there as well.

    Conklin Groove Tools, MTD Kingston, Spector 2000/4 & 2000/5, Ibanez BTB, etc.
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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    i think everyone immedietly gets all over peavey's case becuase their prices are reasonable. Thats kinda ridiculous that we've gotten to the point where something has to be a grand for it to even be considered. I dont own any peavey stuff, but its better quality that most fender stuff i see out there. Just a comparison: my old guitarist had a 30 watt peavey tube amp, he loved it, it was a great amp. A comparable fender was twice as much and and didn't sound half as good. I'm pretty sure most of peavey's stuff is made in the usa??. i think the cirrus's are great basses, but at the time im had a spector and it kinda had that spector vibe, i guess thats why i wanted to find sumthing as far from a spector sound as i could. I like to have 2 diverse basses. and that cirrus i tried was just a plain old cirrus 4. Everytime i go to that store i get sick cuz a squier is like $500. I should of known that the cirrus's were overpriced there.
  16. there's certainly nothing wrong with Asian basses. There's good and bad (McCartney/Jackson?, "in everyone") made everywhere. Example, Crate is made in the USA. Lots and lots of folks sing the praises of their non-USA Fenders, both Asian and Mexican. I had a Hamer made in Korea that rocked for the $$. So a blanket statement that anything made in Asia is crap is just ludicrous, and wrong.

    But now we're getting off the subject, which is Cirrus basses. You will not find a better bass for the $$. I'm not saying there aren't better basses made, but the extra $1-3K I don't thing would make that much difference. If you can spare the $800-1500 (if you buy it right) , try one out.

    Cirrus = Buttah (but-ter for non-New Yorkers)
  17. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
    Yeah. the Cirrus is a Rockin bass.. the mellinium is a sweet one also. But in the end.... I got my Stingray 5 :)... but one day i will go in and buy a cirrus...
  18. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
  19. how many times must you bassist learn!
    asian made guitars have less quality!
    fenders are the industry standard building guitar.
    it has less parts and is easier to make for anyone.
    so i would expect it to have decent quality.
    but my a bass thats neck-thru i would like it american made with american standards!
  20. embellisher

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    If it weren't for Japanese automakers, the American automakers would still be producing crappy cars that won't make it to 80,000 miles like they did in the late 1970's and most of the 1980's.

    If it weren't for Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Harley Davidson would still be owned by AMF and making bikes that were too expensive and very unreliable.

    If it weren't for the Japanese, you wouldn't be able to buy a good quality VCR, DVD player, stereo equipment or video equipment. And a lot of other electronics as well.

    If it weren't for the Japanese, Fender would still be turning out substandard American made guitars and basses like they did in the 1970's and 1980's.