Plugging acoustic guitare in bass amp

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  1. shameline


    Sep 6, 2012
    So I have an acoustic gig (first one for our band), and most of the song I'll be playing acoustic guitare (Martin D15 with a removable passive pick up), and a few songs will be played on my regular electric bass.

    Will I hurt my bass amp (eden nemesis+4x10 XLT) if I plug my acoustic guitar into it?
    (I do have a smaller fender guitar amp, but if I could take one amp, would be easier...)

  2. You probably won't hurt it. Even with feedback, which should only really occur with a mic, I'd do it. Will it sound good? Eh. A bass amp will have a lot of low end response that you should probably EQ out (don't over do it). Also, there may be impedance problems, meaning that it will have a very different volume than your electric bass and once again the tone may not be what you desire. In my limited passive pickup experience, they can actually respond nicely in some cases, but YMMV. The answer to that is a preamp of some kind. They can be found for as cheap as $40 new from Behringer, though I'd do my research first. A good one is made by Fishman. An A-B-Y box would be cool too.
  3. It won't hurt it at all. I used to be a guitarist, playing through Eden and Nemesis amps. The sound of bass amps is similar to acoustic guitar amps, but with a deeper low end. I found no need to EQ the low end out - just set the amp EQ flat.

    Use the parametric mid EQ on your Nemesis to notch out any feedback you might encounter. Just turn the mid gain up a bit, then sweep through the frequencies to find any sensitive spot. When you find it, leave the mid frequency there and just turn the mid gain down.
  4. marmadaddy


    Oct 17, 2005
    Rochester, NY
    Same as the above. I've generally had good experiences putting acoustic guitars through bass amps. Most amps for bass and acoustic guitars are designed to provide clean power with some eq tailored for the instrument's range so it makes sense.