Plugging Into Your Computer & Playing Along With iTunes

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  1. MoreBeer


    Jan 5, 2014
    This is probably a dumb question......

    When not playing through my amp, I normally use a Stealthplug along with Amplitube software and headphones, which need to be plugged into the Stealthplug device on a computer and play to imported tracks or songs.

    As opposed to doing this, I'm wondering how I can plug a bass into my computer, launch iTunes, play a song from iTunes, play my bass and hear everything from the powered computer speakers. I recently bought a nice set of powered speakers with a sub for my computer and would like to do this.
  2. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
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    One way you could do it is:-

    Get a Behringer 802 little mixer.

    Run the headphone out from your computer to the mixer..

    requires a cable that goes from 1/8" TRS stereo male to left and right TRS mono.

    use something like Behringer Bass V-amp.....guitar plugs into that and then that plugs into mixer......probably require appropriate TRS cables....

    Then pray to the gods you don't get a groundloop hum.

    If you get a groundloop hum you'll need an anti hum box (Art Pro Audio or Behringer) and /or an Ebtech anti hum plug (can only be used with 3-prong plug).

    Anything you play on the comp will be heard through the headphones you plug into the mixer.

    Mixer has a 3-band EQ on it to tweak sound even further.