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Plz recommend a good music download site.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Rockin John, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Please, is there any wisdom on where to get good service for downloading music...particularly from UK users. I'm a bit old for this idea so need some guidance. And my son is kicking my a*se to get something sorted out for him. :eyebrow:

    I want to find a site where I can buy the downloads at the proper rate: I am not looking for illegal / stealing download sites.

    I think the best file format for me would be MP3.

    Help appreciated.

  2. elros


    Apr 24, 2004
    Proprietor, Helland Musikk Teknologi
    iTunes Music Store. The best in Norway at least. They deliver in .AAC though - if you can handle it, it sounds better than .mp3
  3. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    itunes is probably the best place to start.

    Tesco and Woolworths also sell music downloads through their websites.
  4. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Yes, I would recommend iTunes as well. $.99 a song and usually $10/album isn't bad. Pretty good selection too.
  5. Ryan L.

    Ryan L. Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND
    I use Limewire. Works great.
  6. Hmm. OK, thanks.

    I might just be out of my depth! Whilst I'm reasonably computer literate, these audio files have got me a bit boxed.

    Thing is, I think I'll need to convert any download format to .WAV to make a CD for myself. That I can probably do with the right software. I had a .MP3 to .WAV convert pgm somewhere..... Somewhere..... :help:

    Some sites seem not to state the file format. Some sell file types that I don't recognise. Some songs seem to allow the making of a CD, some don't.

    I'll have to investigate this much more closely I think.


  7. Fred312b

    Fred312b Proof that gear doesn't make you a better player Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Chicago, IL
    if you get itunes, the software will convert stuff for you to make a cd (although not 100% perfect on windows pc's- i get a few hiccups every now and then). if you have a cd burning program, it might have an option to convert music files to make a cd ("record now" on my hp does). stuff you bought on itunes will only play on itunes software and ipods though... and it will also rip songs from cds you have already as well, which is how i got most of mine (after napster became illegal ;) )