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pod live bass expansion pack?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by benstormer, May 13, 2006.

  1. benstormer


    Apr 20, 2006
    hi all,im getting a pod in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone could enlighten me?ive heard that if you get the pod xt live[guitar version]you can get a bass expansion pack for it that has all the amp&cab models the bass pod live has on it&that it also has an effects crossover frequency so you can use all the effects from the guitar pod for bass,is this true?theres double the amount of fx/stompboxes on the guitar pod&theres also more expansion packs available.ive checked through the fx/stompbox lists&including the new update[which you get for free on the guitar pod]there seems to be about 95% of the same fx as you get on the bass pod anyway&heap load more.also it says that they have no plans to release an expansion pack for the bass pod.the bass expansion pack is only about 60quid and it seems a wkd deal 2 get a quality pedal you can use for both guitar and bass for that much+the price of a pod.the only concerns i have is wether the fx will lose some of the low end sound from my bass&also wether you can still download the bass patches from the customtone library on to the guitar pod.does anyone know if this would work&/or have any experience of this setup?please advise,many thanks.
  2. well you could get the guitar one but i dont think the upgrade comes with the bass effects like the synths and filters,

    also the upgrade is £150 so id just get the bass one then buy extra fx that is missing from bass1.

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