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Pod X3 question... running two inputs at once

Discussion in 'Line 6' started by ishouldbeking, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. ishouldbeking


    Feb 5, 2007
    Hollywood, CA
    Endorsing: SIT, Eastwood, Hanson
    I have a similar question going in a separate non-Pod related thread, but I thought I might get a more specific response here.

    So I'm trying to organize a silent rehearsal for myself and a guitarist using as little gear as possible. I have a Pod X3 bean, and I'm wondering if it's possible for us to both run into the X3 at the same time, then use a headphone splitter so we can both monitor live.

    In my mind it seems like it would be possible to set up the Pod to use tone 1 as a guitar patch and have the guitar running through the 1/4" input, but I'm not sure if there's a way to input the bass... could I go through the XLR mic input somehow? I do have a DI pedal (Behringer BDI21, as well as a Tech 21 VT Bass) which could be used if I needed a hotter signal, but I'm not really sure what I'd need. Theoretically couldn't I have that 2nd input routed through "tone 2" and have it set up with a bass patch so we could both be modeling simultaneously?

    I'm just curious if I'm missing something, or if anyone has a recommendation. Thanks in advance.

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