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    I've searched here there and everywhere but couldn't find any answer. So, a question for anyone who has used one of these. Do all of the effects have the ability to mix the wet with the dry signal? I see it does for the time/modulation effects, but how about the filters/synth/distortions?
    Thanks for any info!
  2. Hi There,
    Are you talking about the Bass Pod XT Live? If so yes you can...to some degree. There is a function where you can blend in some of your clean signal. just keep scrolling through a patch until you get to the DI section. You can add as much as want and even add a delay to it if needed to help with phasing issues. It really helps when using some of the stomp boxes. I really like some of the distortion models but they suck out a ton of low end but after all most are modeled after guitar pedals. Many of the synth models have a blend in the patch.
    Hope this helps,

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