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Poll: Favorite pickup configuration?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by kurosawa, Apr 8, 2001.

  1. 1 Single Coil (old Tele bass, old P, etc.)

    1 vote(s)
  2. 2 Single Coils (Jazz, Longhorn, mono Rick, etc.)

    42 vote(s)
  3. 1 Humbucker (soapbar, MM, triple coil, etc.)

    18 vote(s)
  4. 2 Humbuckers (soapbars, L-2000, etc.)

    59 vote(s)
  5. Single Coil/Humbucker hybrid (MMJ, etc.)

    31 vote(s)
  6. P, PP, PJ, or P w/double J

    37 vote(s)
  7. Reverse P, RP/RP, RP/J, or RP w/double J

    5 vote(s)
  8. Stereo (some Alembics, Rick-O-Sound, etc.)

    2 vote(s)
  9. Piezo (alone or with any combination)

    6 vote(s)
  10. Lightwave (alone or with any combination)

    4 vote(s)
  1. Just a straight-ahead poll--what's your favorite pickup configuration? Doesn't have to be the most useful or the most versatile. Just your favorite for whatever reason. This poll doesn't take into account fretted or fretless, number of strings, active or passive, etc. Post whatever comments and tips you'd like everyone to know about.

    A couple of odd entries: "Stereo" doesn't take into account whether you like humbuckers or single-coils (it implies two pickups); and "Piezo" could be piezo on its own or combined with something else; these characteristics are unusual enough by themselves. The main thing is when you vote for one of these, you're saying it's what you consider the most important characteristic of your favorite pickup configuration.
  2. Actually, I left off my latest interest, the P/MM, but I guess you could call that either 2 Humbuckers or a P with double J, or leave a comment--no biggie.
  3. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    My favorite combination always been J/J, but my next bass might be P/J, I'm just looking for something different.
  4. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Actually, I should pass on this, cuz I'm not sure about that LightWave thing.
    But on the other hand.......optical pickups must be endorsed :p , cuz the idea is brilliant, and everybody knows magnetics.....

    What I'd choose, would be either dual HBs+piezo OR LightWaves.......don't know which.....vote LW's.......

    Oh, BTW, LW's shouldn't be mixed with magnetics, cuz mag's disturbs the motion of the strings, which contraworks the very idea/benefits of an optical approach.
  5. I didn't know whether to list Lightwave and piezo both, since the Lightwave comes with piezos now. If I'd had more choices available, I would have listed MIDI. Maybe I should have listed MIDI instead of Lightwave.
  6. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    I have a midi out on my bass. I have no idea how it work...
  7. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    The active MM/J hybrid I have has impressed me the most so far because of the vesatility, but I am really hoping to try out 2 passive soapbars.

    That motorized "sweet spot" with memory invention that the person who was looking to submit to Ibanez here yesterday looked interesting. But I doubt the cost would be so high as to make me opt for a sliding pickup design, even though he discussed this in his FAQ.
  8. I believe we have already had this thread. I'm going to let it slide this time, cause I'm nice and I like the question, but next time please check to see if something has already been done.

    By the way, my fav pup setup is P/P/P, which is what Jerry Only of the Misfits has on his bass. Sounds godly.

    Rock on
  9. Re the PPP, isn't that a lot of magnetic pull on the strings?
  10. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Eric - I thought the same thing, initially, and was just going to ignore it. But then I realized the choices were unique, in part.
  11. I like basses with one pickup. I think it gives a more focused sound, and makes you move up and down the strings to look for the tone you want. I also prefer humbuckers because some single cols just hum too much for me. I haven't tried piezos or the Lightwaves yet, but am looking forward to it.

    Mike J.
  12. Mike, I wondered if I was the only bass player in the world who felt that way. I'm not too crazy about the way two pickups sound at the same time for the same reason. Focus is a good word. I can get plenty of attack out of my old EMG-equipped J; it just lacks focus.
  13. yessss, I recall someone doing a thread along these lines before too........:)

    re. 2 pickups, I like to sometimes get the hollow scooped sound from two pickups full on eg. P+J, so 2 p/ups are a must.

    re. the motorised sliding p/up idea- great in theory, but it could be a nightmare in practice due to the added weight of the motor, gearing mechanism etc. and battery drain too.

    I've got three p/ups on my Hohner B2A; a Kent Armstrong humbucker added in stingray pos. between the EMG Select humbuckers.
    the bridge EMG Select is too close to the bridge for my liking, so set full on it's pretty useless for me.
  14. I've had a Rick, Hoffner, P, P Dlx, still have a Stingray 5, and an F Bass. By FAR the best tone, attack, control, and flexability is the F Bass' PUPs. They are both active/passive, switchable to Humbucking/coil tap(Single), and separate volumes for each. The active controls are inert in passive mode, but there is a Tone knob that works in both modes. All you could ever ask for. BTW the PUPs are hand made and hand wound at their own shop.
  15. the bass i have now is a PJ. I love P/J, P/J/J, soapbars, humbuckers, just to name a few. err, its so hard to pick just one! :)

    i need to fart out some GAS soon or im gonna explode!
  16. Eliot Lorango

    Eliot Lorango Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2001
    Los Angeles, CA
    I personally like a PJ setup because then you can get that metal sound with the P's and then you can switch to the Jazz pickup to give you that nice smooth jazzy sound.
  17. Jake15


    Jan 17, 2001
    USA, PA
    I love the feel of how my thumb slides inbetween the two screws of the top of the humbucker.
  18. Jeff in TX

    Jeff in TX Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2000
    Lone Star State
    Hey! I want to vote 3 times! :)

    My favorite on a fretted bass are the two single coils on my Sadowsky. However, on fretless, I love the Lightwave system but I also love a 2 PU Humbucker setup for a more traditional fretless tone.

  19. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    I thought you had a P/J on your Sadowsky?
    I'm probably wrong :rolleyes: you know it better than me I guess!

    I doN't know why...I was under the impression you had a P/J.
  20. Jeff in TX

    Jeff in TX Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2000
    Lone Star State
    Hi Yvon,

    Nope. 2 Js. I considered the reverse P/J, but ended up with Js.

    Interesting, when I got my Sadowsky, Roger told me if I wasn't totally satisfied with the PUs that he would be glad to either put in humbuckers or P/Js. Great guy!


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