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  1. JAS


    Jul 3, 2001
    has anyone tried the pollytone amps? i think the small ones are called the "mega brute" and the bigger are called the "mini brute." Do these amps have a nice sound? Is it something you can use for both string bass and a fender?
  2. It's the other way: the Mini-Brute are the smallest, and the Mega-Brute the biggest.
    I bought a Mini-Brute 1 one week ago and I'm very happy with it. Very warm, tube-like tone, with good definition. Very small and light-weight. Quite affordable too.
    I think that for the price I had the best quality.
    I'm not sure I'd use it with a Fender Bass though!
  3. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    I have an ancient Polytone Minibrute with a 12" speaker. It's so old, it is covered with what appears to be black velvet. At the moment it's my #3 DB amp, but I'd be happy to take it to most "small" gigs without a second thought. I've used it for both Realbass and Slab gigs, and it does a great job for both...before I got my first DB, I used it almost exclusively for fretless Plank jazz gigs for years, and was always happy with the tone.

    One thing to be aware of with Polytone combo amps: they all use a sealed cabinet design, which gets a particular sound which has been described as "stuffy" by some. I've found this to be true to a certain degree, but also discovered that a little judicious use of EQ can solve most of these problems.

    Also, if the one I have is any indication, these things are battlefield tough: mine dates back at least to the 70's, and the only repair it ever needed was from a gig I played with dirty power due to too long a distance from the original power source. The repair cost me about $40 - not a bad track record for an amp I've owned and used regularly for at least 15 years.
  4. When I started at McGill University the jazz department had three new polytones. By the end of my second year they had all quit working. Everyone I know with an old one (70's+) have had no problems. I think the older ones sound better too.
  5. bassgeek

    bassgeek Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Asheville, NC
    I've used and abused my Polytone Minibrute III for 7 years and it hasn't let me down once. The company went under for a few years and when they came back, the amps were a lot more expensive from what I've heard. The ones from the 70's are sought after by guitarists as well as bassists. I think the 15" models are better for toy bass than DB, especially 5 string toy bass.
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