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poly or tung oil finish

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by bryanonbass, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. bryanonbass


    May 13, 2001
    Northern NJ
    ok I have gone through the search system but Im still looking for some answers regarding this question.

    I am getting a custom stambaugh singlecut made and I need to decide if it will have the oil finish that Chris normally does or if it should have a polyurethane finish applied.

    Will the poly bring out the top wood a little more?
    I know poly protects and I won't have to worry about when I should apply another batch of oil to the bass.

    I really want the bass to be protected and I want the figuring of the top to really standout.
  2. jvbjr


    Jan 8, 2005
    If you want the top to jump out you double stain like PRS does. The darker sections of wood are softer than the lighter sections, so stain penetrates the darker sections more easily and deeper. Often they will hit a quilt top with a quick coat of black stain, after it dries they sand it back so the light parts show no signs of the stain and then they restain another color. The black creates an outline that makes the top pop. I believe poly is the only way to protect such a job.

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