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POLY-POXY where can I get it

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by top028, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. top028


    Dec 14, 1999
    Lancaster, PA
    I stole some poly poxy from a good bass playing friend, and used it all up on his bass, and mine. I need to fix up some dead spots and fill in some holes in my neck. Please tell me where I can get some. My friend bought it and told me its the kind jaco used on his frettless. I have no clue. but its called POLY-POXY, and it has a blue tube and a yellow tube they make a nice green when mixed. annother clue: there was a cute fish icon on the box. I found that this was the best epoxy to work with (for other car and household repairs) takes a little longer to cure, but its strong, nice and clear, and actually smells good. (if you have smelled other epoxies you know what I am talking about). PLEASE HELP!! the buzzes are driving me nuts.
  2. zombywoof5050


    Dec 20, 2001
    Petit's Poly Poxy can be found at marine supply stores, since it was made for boats.

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