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    Mar 18, 2000
    Hello, Mike. I have yaken courses in diatonic and chromatic harmony, but I have never come across an explnation for the function and practical usage of polychords. My understanding is that a polychord is a chord that is created by superimposing two other ones. I was hoping you could shed some light into that. Thanks.

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    Polychords are, as you say, one chord superimposed over another. I have not, personally, seen much of a treatment of them in the standard theory literature. I approach polychords as a chord with its extensions or ultimately by the sound.

    For example a D/C - a D triad over a C triad. The resulting notes are C,D,E,F#,G,A. This chord can be looked at as the third inversion of a D11 chord and function as a dominant to G (or C#). By looking at the notes we have, wecan clearly play a D dominant scale over the chord (or C lydian if the toanlity requires).