Polyester/Polyurethane Peeled

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by RoadRanger, Mar 16, 2014.

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    So, my year old Squire Mikey Way Signature Mustang lost a big chunk of the finish of the back last week and it seems I can peel the rest by hand. I did leave it in zero degree weather in my car and/or garage so maybe that did it in?

    I didn't much care for that THICK yellowish finish and the "racing stripe" anyways. About half the "sparkles" come off with the finish but there is enough left that I'm thinking some "rattle can" Krylon acrylic clear coat - what would yous guys use? I'm wanting something thin and somewhat durable (to protect what "sparkles" are left) - what it looks like up close isn't too important to me.
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    Could you post pics of the area in question? I would help to see what we're talking about in terms of a fix.
  3. Ultra thin crazy glue will wick quite a way in there. After, if there are bumps try scraping with a razorblade if small. Use a full size scraper if the ares is larger. I have used this methode on a phantom blue etalic paint where the polyurethane was delaminating. The repair can't be seen.