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Polytone Brute 1 in Central OH

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by Dave Irwin, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. I have an old Polytone Brute 1 that works fine but could use some TLC
    Here are the issues:
    Small tear in the cone (Can't hear it, at least at the volumes I play at)
    Frayed outer shell of the electrical cable at the base of the Amp
    Power supply needs re-mounted to the case.

    Asking $110 and would prefer pickup. Will add pics in a bit

  2. Bump for pics.
    I'd like to keep it a local sale.

    Hit the 2 pic limit above. Here's a pic of the frayed cord cover

  3. jmacdbass

    jmacdbass jmacdbass.com, openmusiccollective.org Supporting Member

    if you ever consider sending it east let me know, I have a 2 channel 1 fifteen of this vintage that I cherish as a house amp
  4. I plan on driving up to the ISB. If I still have it, I can bring it along.

  5. jmacdbass

    jmacdbass jmacdbass.com, openmusiccollective.org Supporting Member

    sounds good
  6. Headed up to Rochester tomorrow and bringing the Polytone. If your in the area and interested, please shoot me an email.


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