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Pondering the XS400 15 combo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by scorpionldr, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm once again looking into finding an amplifier better than what I have now that I actually have SOME money. This time I'm trying to get a feel for people's thoughts on the Yorkie XS400 1x15 combo. I liked the XM200 but overall there wasn't any significant increase in volume, and the high end wasn't really as clicky as i could have wanted it. Is the XS400 like a larger version of that with tube?? Also, can I get a really jagged sorta sound with tubes? I've prettymuch been on SS for a long time, and the closest I've got to thunderous low end was the woof of a fifteen from my TKO 65 (peavey). Is the amp durable?? how careful do I have to be about the entire tube preamp inside and moving around the amp? if the fifteen it uses isn't bright enough when I try it out, is there a cab i can hook the head into that will do the job??

    A word about my old amp, I like it, but it's not bright enough (i play with pick and like a sorta clicky sound to my thump), but supplies alot of low end power.
  2. RevGroove

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    Jul 21, 2002
    Burlington ON Canada
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    Not quite...the pre-amp is better (5 band with parametric mid), there's a compressor, and a separate tube overdrive circuit in the XS400 amps that you don't find in the XM series.

    Also try the XS400T combo with 2 10" drivers, they sound different. If the 15" combo doesn't do it for you on it's own, the 210 combo just might.
  3. I own 2 XS400c (15 combo carpet version) and I love them. First, I would not worry about breaking them...Yorkville has the best "Even if you break" 2 year unlimited warranty. Sound is great! Under each I run 2 15 Ampegs which totally fills out the room. I can't praise these amps enough. Portable, sound great, excellent warranty, compatable with other extension cabs, compressor, tuner out, front mute etc etc...I would def. recomend that you look into one of these combos. I am using a Fender P, and a Geddy Lee playing hard rock (Nugent, AC/DC), classic metal (Black Sabbath), punk (NY Dolls, Sex Pistols), glam (Milk and Cookies) and country (Mike Ness , J. Cash) and this amp does it all playing against 2 complete Marshall stacks (4 x 4x12's) and a hard hitting drummer without any effects/peddle. So....go buy one...NOW! You will not be disappointed.
  4. Well, your review sounds pretty promising but....where are they sold?? I've been checking around the net, and it's almost as existant as Ampeg's BA115HP amps (ie noone even knows it). I'm starting to think that maybe the head and cabinet way is perhaps cheaper and will be more flexible overall. I don't know much about the entire setup though. What is a good starter cabinet to match with the XS400H? should I start with one of the 15s? Will it sound different from the combo?? how should I take care of the ohms differences to get the best variation from my amp without having to buy multiple cabs?? I'm thinking I'll work with 250 for now from an 8ohm, but if i crank the amp, am I going to be clipping it, or should I use it the same way I would another amp without thinking of the impedance differences?
    does the amp come with a footswitch?

    all in all, thanks for suggesting it, but I'm gonna actually need to know where to find one.
  5. *bump bump*