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    It doesn't actually say that the laptops had backing tracks on them. Maybe the laptops contained all of the band's sheet music. ;)
  3. Could I get some more Ipod in the monitor, please?
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    They don't. Judging by the reactions in the article, it's members in the industry that care.

    In my top 40s cover band we used backing tracks all the time for elements we just didn't have as a 4 piece. Really helped fill things out. There's a lot of sampling and effects in live music now. I'm not surprised they canceled. Sucks for the fans.
  5. Saddest part of this whole story is these people had to end up listening to a set by Jackyl.
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    Apples and Oranges. You are imitating other people’s music, and I’d bet that if you had to wing it without all the folderol, you could get by. I’ve heard cover bands for decades pull it off with just synths, doing horns, strings, whatnot, even further back with just combo organs. If people are that spoiled that it has to sound just like the record, just get a DJ.
    But these guys, with their theoretical original
    music, can’t go out on stage without their crutch? Incapable of giving it a shot? Name bands would do ‘unplugged’ segments in the not so distant past, or else go through their repertoire without any of the studio sweetening, because it’s still them, playing their music. At least it should be. Otherwise, just send the holograms out on tour.
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    I can't help but wonder if the missing laptops were more-production-related...for light and sound control.
    In that case, given the dependency these days on technology, I could see cancelling.

    I'll admit I've never heard of Falling In Reverse, but wikipedia suggests they are all 'proper' musicians who should have been capable of doing a pretty decent show without backing tracks.
    Maybe a lesson to learn there for all bands these days...be ready to improvise.
  8. I watched Julie Slick plug her bass into a laptop and kick absolute ass.

    If it has all their plugins/sounds/Ableton etc. then yes they would be scrwewd without a backup...
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    I don’t see the issue here. In the 21st century a laptop is a viable musical instrument. If you’ve got all sorts of charts and tracks on there that you’ve counted on and they go missing what are you going to do?
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    Case in point

    Or even super DIY that still sounds good because they've got it and they are honest.
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    This is arguably a different use of a laptop, like a preamp of sorts. The OP is referring to laptops providing whatever the band could/would not deliver themselves. So sort of cheating, if I may so put it.
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    Not really. The implication is that this is tracks that they have created and mixed themselves for use in a live setting. Sort of like sampling a sound and then playing it live via a keyboard or midi device. This is like an early 20th century band cancelling because their amps and mics somehow got lost. Oh those horrible musicians who can’t perform unamplified.
  14. Stranglers tune with nothing but the bass? Worked for me recently. Not only that, my GM-400 power switch failed, so it was like not having an amp.

    The sound was put from bass to line level input of a small mixer with three-band EQ, straight to FOH sound, and I could barely hear the harmonics as I belted it out. Now, it may have been a fairly undiscerning audience, but they liked it! They want me back.

    What really helps is some engagement with the audience, and a willingness to make sure the show goes on. I was reticent at first, but I got enough encouragement to have a go, from Finn, the guy running the mixing and main sound. It was a great night out. For me, it wouldn't have been otherwise.

    I hope I never forget this, because if I ever pull out of something with a poor reason, that would be bad.

    I'm a late starter at live playing so I don't mind taking a rough lesson early. It saves a lot of time.
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    That's your take. And I respect it.

    But you're a musician. So, in a way, you don't count. What I mean is that a tiny percentage of music fans are musicians. The music industry should NOT cater to us. They should cater to the masses.

    My wife is a big time music fan. She listens to, and loves, everything from Etta James to Motown to grunge to boy bands from the 90s to country to rock.... you name it. She recently attended a New Kids on the Block concert. They, and every opening act, performed to tracks. She didn't care one bit. She got to see some of her favorite artists perform songs she loves. That's all that matters.

    I'm guessing here, but.... Had something gone wrong with the tracks, I'm pretty sure she would NOT have enjoyed it NEARLY as much if they had scrounged up instruments and tried to pull off a "live" version of all the New Kids songs. Not even close.

    When it comes to conversations like these, I have to take my heart out of it and use my head. Sure, my heart wants every single tour to use 100% live musicians. But my head gets that New Kids should NOT tour with an orchestra, even though there are strings in some of their songs. My head understands that a drum machine was used to make hundreds of hit songs. There's no need to try to bring a drummer to play drum machine beats. And, quite simply, the vast majority of people in concert audiences don't know, and don't CARE, which parts of a performance are live or tracks. You play their favorite songs and they'll keep coming back. Period. That goes for international tours as well as local dive bars.

    Think about it. How many bands play Skynard songs live? (Answer: Plenty) How many of those bands have a piano and three guitarists on stage? (Answer: Almost none) The same could be said for The Allman Brothers, Greatful Dead, etc. How many bands perform songs recorded by The Wrecking Crew? That was a room filled with dozens of highly-trained studio pro musicians playing everything from aux percussion to harp. Most bands don't have the instrumentation to accurately perform lots of smash hits people want to hear. Audiences don't care. Give them the framework enough to allow them to bring up the memories sparked by those songs and they'll be fine.

    (Ironically, I am the one in my band that tries to get the band stick to only songs we can pull off accurately. But we're a hobby/dad band that gets paid well to play and does fine with our crowds with what we do best. We're not trying to book tons of weddings by playing all the hits that wedding bands play. So it works.)

    No. Touring acts should not travel with a "live plan B". They should not be prepared to go on without their tracks if tracks make up a big part of their sound live. (What they SHOULD have done was have SEVERAL backup/fail-safe plans for tracks.)

    Again, I respect your point of view. And my heart is right there with you. But it's unrealistic and very impractical.
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    That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I’m not going to try to change it.

    But actually, no, that band could not have gotten by without the BL’s laptop. He also ran all the sound from his laptop, so that was a vital piece of equipment that we could not have done a show without.
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    I find it very strange that since the laptop in question is so important why do they not have a backup or two?
  18. So it is sort of like karaoke?
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    For how many decades now have we been telling ourselves that if your computer data isn't backed up in at least two other non-coincident locations, it might as well not exist? And that's just for trivial stuff, like your last seven years of income tax returns, or Mom & Dad's sentimental photo archive. If you're carrying mission-critical Without-This-We-Cannot-Do-Our-Jobs data and don't have a backup easily accessible, you just failed Being A Responsible Adult 101.