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  1. I recently acquired a Epiphone Viola bass. I tried restringing it with the La Bella 760fhbb Beatle bass set. I read in multiple places on the internet that this would suffice. It did not. The A string "playing surface" ended just shy of the nut.

    Did I purchase the wrong set? Can the internet not be trusted?! A manufacturer defect? Operator error?

    Feeling dumb. Never had a string issue like this in 20 years of playing. Please advise.
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    Nov 10, 2015
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  3. That link is helpful, but I am curious as to what length the La Bella strings are supposed to be compared to what I ended up with. Seems unlikely that the fault would be on their end, though stranger things have happened.
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    Epiphone viola does not have the same guitar sized tuners as a Hofner, they are s5andsta bass size. Any medium scale set is ideal over the Hofner Beatle Bass set.
  5. Is there a set you recommend? I typically play D'Addario nickel or La Bella flats. I'd prefer flats of some sort on the viola.
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    La Bella flats in medium scale or any other flatwound in medium scale include D'Addario Chromes.

    Can also use any rounds in medium scale.
  7. I love La Bellas on my thunderbird, but on bassstringsonline, the Beatle bass strings are listed under "medium scale". This makes me nervous since I already screwed up. Sorry, not trying to be a pain. I'd love to hear anyone's opinions on their preference.
  8. Daddario ECB81M legit? Would that fit with minimal fuss?
  9. D'Addario "medium scale" has a winding length (ball to silk) of 34".
    You can measure the physical distance on your bass between where the ball end sits and the nut to make sure 34" is long enough to clear the nut.
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  10. I believe that's the case. I think the bass is 33 3/4" ball end to bass nut. So, i think that should do it. I'm over thinking this and worrying too much. I appreciate everyone's input.
  11. Fyi...
    The term "medium scale" can mean different winding length depending on the manufacturer.
    For example, the "medium scale" GHS Precision Flats have a winding length of 35.5".

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    La Bella medium scales have a winding length of 34". That should include the Beatle Bass set, so I'm a bit puzzled that it doesn't fit.
  13. I'm puzzled as well. I'm in touch with La Bella and measuring everything in my house to find out what's up. I'm fairly certain I just ordered the wrong set, but want to make sure.

    On another note, La Bella customer service seems pretty good thus far.......
  14. On your A-string, what comes after the "playing surface"? Is there some silk wrap? Or does it begin to taper? If there is some silk wrap, you could cut it back so the playing surface passes the nut.
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    I was quite surprised several years ago to learn that 34" scale is/was considered "long scale" to several string manufacturers. Lesson learned.
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  16. The silk and taper start at the same point on these specific strings.
  17. One of the most valuable lessons I learned in the last few years is to always think in terms of "winding length" (ball to silk/taper) instead of "scale length" when trying to determine which strings fit best on any given bass.

    Bass String Lengths by Manufacturer
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    This is a solid resource. If you are in doubt about any set just call Jason over at Bassstringsonline.com he knows strings.
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    If there were only someplace to turn for this type of thing, I think I would put it in my sig.
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