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Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Matthew Bryson, Sep 28, 2001.

  1. Matthew Bryson

    Matthew Bryson Guest

    Jul 30, 2001
    I have read in my beginer bass book and on this forum good descriptions of the slap/pop style - but in every case I seem to notice people specify to "pop by curling your right hand index finger..." So.... should one pop notes with only one finger - or should one alternate their right hand attack between popping notes with the index and middle fingers? What do you do? What is right?
  2. Oysterman

    Oysterman Guest

    Mar 30, 2000
    There's really no "right" and "wrong" when it comes to technique, only "normal" / "not normal" or rather "common" / "uncommon".
    I consistently pop with my index finger, because that feels more comfortable in my opinion. I am, however, trying to learn to "double-pop", which means I first pop with my index finger immediately followed by my middle finger.

    Pick a finger, and stick with it. Or learn to alternate between them. It's all up to you.
  3. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I agree with Oysters-

    You can also Pop with the 'normal' 2-finger plucking action. Position your plucking hand somewhere beween the neck pickup(like, a P-bass or J-bass)& the neck. Pluck 'harder' than 'normal' & you should hear the popping tone you're used to hearing...then again, maybe not. ;)
    BTW, with this technique, it's ALL pop.
  4. thomas

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    Jul 26, 2000
    Barnesville, GA USA
    Just to make it more confusing... when I actually feel the need to slap and pop (i like my baby too much to smack her around all the time) I use my ring finger to pop, I just started doing it like that 'cause it seemed natural. Plus since I broke my index finger a few years ago its been kind of useless for plucking, popping, or strumming strings.
  5. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    Usually people use just one finger when they alternate slap and pop.

    E.g. thumb-index-thumb-index or thumb-middle-thumb-middle.

    But when you want to pop 2 or more notes then you use index, middle, ring in alternating fashion.