Pope Flexcore size?

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  1. So I'll be dropping a new pre into my Squier VM Jazz V sometime soon and the Pope is on the short list (aslo looking at an Aguilar OBP-3). I know the preamp is on the larger side of things. Could it fit into passive jazz bass cavity or no? Would serious routing have to be done to make it fit?
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    The preamp will fit in the cavity most likely, but there won't be any room for the battery. Here's a pic of the installation in my Sadowsky UV70. All of the preamp components are mounted on the plate but, as you can see, the Sadowsky has a ton of space where the original preamp and battery resided. A passive bass is not going to have a rear-routed cavity, so you'd need to have a battery compartment routed into the back of the bass. Either that or run the wires out from behind the plate and tape the battery to the back of your bass.