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Popping on the E / A string?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Tym2cu_bass, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. Hey-

    Ok, so i've gotten to the point where i think i can slaap pretty good, i can do triplet rythems pretty fast and all, but I dont get how some people pop on the lower 2 strings? I try to pop the A and it just doesn't seem to give me the sound I want but if i try to do the same note on the D string it doesn't work.

    So how / if you do, pop on the E / A strings and make it sound good? is it just one of those things where you have to have strong fingures and just practice the heck out of it?

  2. For me, popping always sounds cooler the closest it is to the neck of the bass. But then again, it just has to do with the sound you're going for.
  3. I Love popping the lower strings adds another sound I guess I just use a kind of muted note pluck dont really know what to call it anyway I'll try and explain it which could be a mission for me alright here goes

    When you pop lets say using your leftfinger to fret the note A on the E-string ( 5th fret )
    use your middle finger to pop the note while in doing so also with your index ( first ) finger use it to mute the string then quickly transfer both your rightfingers simultaneously off the string in doing this you should get a muted A sounding popped note
    Its kinda similar to Jaco's way of playing false harmonics but instead your poping
    Heres another tip when youve used the technique incorprate some slides after your attacked note followed by a slap ( using your thumb )
    But anyway ENJOY
    Hope Ive explained it clearly although showing this technique in person would be much easier
    Anyway PLUCK PLUCK PLUCK on :bassist: