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pops rosin

Discussion in 'Bows and Rosin [DB]' started by Gary Way, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Gary Way

    Gary Way

    Jun 8, 2007
    Hi I'm Really new to double bass. I have been playing electric for 25 yrs. Anyway my question concerns getting the rosin on the bow hair,:crying: I can't get it to stick. The rosin is really hard and if I warm it it goes like syrup and clumps. Any advice would be very helpful at this piont.
    Thanks Gary
  2. What are you doing to try to get it to stick??? How new is the bow hair? Is the Pops still in the little plastic box? Reason I wonder is Pops not sticking is like a skunk not stinking. Describe exactly what you are doing and maybe we can help. Is the bow hair real horse hair? There's a lot we need to know. We did have someone once whose Pop's was hard. But is not that common.
  3. Gary Way

    Gary Way

    Jun 8, 2007
    Thanks for the reply. Could you please explain the correct proccedure. I am probably doing it in correct.
  4. Basschair

    Basschair .............. Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2004
    Stockton, Ca
    Take the Pops rosin out of the red plastic container.
    Fold/pull back the white paper wrap so that an edge of rosin is exposed.
    Pull your bow's hair across the rosin edge (like you're pulling it across a string). Apply presssure as you pull, and pull at a moderate/fast speed, from frog to tip.

    With Pops, you should only have to do this a few times. If the hair is absolutely new, then perhaps 4 or 5 times. If the hair is synthetic, then you've got me...
  5. I read somewhere on here that someone takes a couple of swipes on the bass to warm up the hair before applying the rosin as well. This works for me.
  6. Gary Way

    Gary Way

    Jun 8, 2007
    Thanks to everyone for the info. I went and got another container it was alot softer. I applied it as instructed and worked fine. Thank-you for the replies and info. Gary
  7. Pete G

    Pete G

    Dec 31, 2001
    Northern Virginia
    Don't ever use more than a couple of swipes of Pop's at a time -- at least until you've had a lot of bow playing under your belt.

    If you get too much Pop's on bow hair, it will "fuse" and make the bow unusable, probably requiring you to get the bow re-haired.

    Some people hate Pop's; others like it. I like it. But you have to use it judiciously -- more carefully than other rosins, IMHO.
  8. moopants


    Oct 21, 2006
    Lake Charles, LA
    It depends on your situation. I live in Louisiana, and we have crazy humidity! Sometimes, I only use a couple swipes, sometimes none, sometimes more than 4 or 5. I'm pretty sure that with new bows, you need more rosin than usual. I've only had a new violin bow, so I can't speak for new bass bows... yet.
  9. Pete G

    Pete G

    Dec 31, 2001
    Northern Virginia
    Rosin, yes; Pop's, no. Pop's is just different.
  10. I don't use Pops much anymore, but I've never heard of it fusing the bow hair. I guess it's possible but I would think it is rare. When I had a relatively unresponsive plywood bass a few years ago, I would really lather the bow with Pops to get that bass to speak. It didn't fuse on me. It did make a lot of powder on the strings though.

    I've switched to black hair now and I find that sometimes I can go a week or more without adding rosin. I'm using the oak rosin now.
  11. Pete G

    Pete G

    Dec 31, 2001
    Northern Virginia
    A better way to describe the phenomenon is that a glaze of rosin appears on the bow that won't play or wipe away -- the result is that you get a huge amount of hiss as the bow is drawn over the string.

    This happened to me a year ago. My teacher had seen it before, and Sue Lipkins tells me she's seen it many times.

    FWIW, I also use Oak now some of the time, but I still think Pop's is the best and most reliable rosin for orchestra playing when you need to produce on demand an all-out "FFF" sound.

    Again, what I've learned is that there really is too much of a good thing.
  12. Ive gotten both the bow hair glaze and the unbelievable powder from Pops, There were some bows at the high school that had like ten year old bow hairs that the only way to get them to play was to cake on Pops, from a cake that was unnaturallly hard and when you played you would get pull but by the end of one song it would look like Tony Montana had spilled his pile on your strings. Another time on a rental bow I was unhappy with how it held the strings (once again probalby the result of ancient bow hairs) so I would use lots of pops and eventually it just stopped doing anything for me. Ive more recently converted to Kolstein soft, cuz it gives me the same Pops sticky pull but with out the rosin dust and other side effects.
  13. moles


    Jan 24, 2007
    Winnipeg, MB
    So how soft should Pop's be? I went down to the shop the other day to pick some up, and thought I had heard that you should be able to push your thumb into it. Well, it was harder than that...is it too old?
  14. Uncletoad


    May 6, 2003
    Columbus Ohio
    Proprietor Fifth Avenue Fret Shop. Technical Editor Bass Gear Magazine
    Yea, that's dead stuff.


    Fresh and quick. Don't have to leave the house.
  15. Pete G

    Pete G

    Dec 31, 2001
    Northern Virginia
    Y'know, it's funny how people always complain about Pop's being powdery.

    Maybe that's true if you have a cake from the Jurassic period (which shouldn't be used in any case), but in my experience, with a fresh cake of Pop's, you're likely to get less powder than from almost any other rosin.

    One truth about Pop's: it really is best fresh. I get it sent to me straight from the new batch at the "factory" every two months. It makes a difference.
  16. Yeah maybe I would have a different opinion about it if I got some of it fresh, Ive only had it in environments with old cakes in a combination with old/fake hairs on old/beat up/fiberglass bows. This may have scarred me a bit, which is probably why I'm so faithful to Kolstein soft.
  17. gurzil


    Jul 24, 2006
    Austin, TX
    I am curious just how gooey is considered fresh pops? Silly putty gooey? I can push my fingernail into it without much effort, and it will flow if left on its side for a day or five. But I wouldn't say I could poke my finger into it except to leave a tiny dent, and a fingerprint.

    I am an ex-pops user, but keep it around for bowing emergencies.
  18. Pete G

    Pete G

    Dec 31, 2001
    Northern Virginia
    Maybe a little softer than what you describe, but not much.

    The issue about fresh Pop's is not how much easier it is to stick your finger into it, but how much better it plays. And really fresh Pop's does play noticably better than even a slightly stale cake.
  19. Gary Way

    Gary Way

    Jun 8, 2007
    The cake of pops I have is about as hard as a rock. You could not push your thumb into it. Break a window maybe.
  20. Jazzin'

    Jazzin' ...Bluesin' and Funkin'

    I find that my Pop's rosin is too hard as well. I find it really hard to get it onto the hairs; it's like a rock (like Gary Way said). What's a better brand?
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