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PorK Products Trem

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by gruffpuppy, Sep 6, 2001.

  1. here is a letter I just got from PorkProducts the new maker of the Kahler Trem.

    I e-mailed them about a year ago and got this today.

    To bad I found a bass with a trem before they got back to me. It has come up before so here you go.


    It’s happened! I talked Kahler into producing their
    bass tremolos again! Now’s your chance to get one.

    Plenty has happened behind the scenes here at Pork
    Products in the last few months but my primary goal
    remains the same: getting tremolos in the hands of
    bass players who want them. For the early up-coming
    Kahler production, I’ll be exclusively distributing
    these tremolos and am ready to take orders now. Four-
    and five-string tremolos will be available and
    possibly six-string tremolos if there is significant

    The Pork Products site is still

    Visit the upgraded fitting room to determine whether a
    front or rear roller tremolo fits your bass. There is
    a new interactive Adobe Acrobat form to help you
    decide which tremolo is correct for your bass.

    I’m happy to answer questions by email and help you
    get the tremolo you want. Email me as soon as possible
    and get the real deal on your bass.

    Peter Michaux

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