Portabass 250 head

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  1. Looking to sell or trade my Portabass 250. Looking for a 4x10 at a comparable price. The PB250 runs 250W @ 4Ohms. This head sounds great and through a 2x10 it is plenty for a small-midsized club. It also works great as a backup head (can power a 4Ohm 4x10 fine) and for practices. Solid State and sound is as smooth as any Ampeg. In perfect condition, only gigged with twice. Paid $850 CDN 1 year ago, looking to sell for $600-$650 CDN (425-$475) US. Will ship to anywhere in Canada and US as long as buyer pays shipping (Most likey around $30-$40 US).

    This is a killer amp, I just can only afford to own one and I need something more powerful for the rig I am buying.