Portable bass gigging amp for guitar through octave

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  1. Steve Brickman

    Steve Brickman

    Feb 26, 2016
    Hey guys and gals,

    So I'm officially through with using terrible club backline here in NYC. Some of the more legit clubs are pretty solid and i personally don't need too much (give me a hot rod 4x10, and an ampeg 4x12 and i'm happy as a clam). Unfortunately alot of places in brooklyn are a different story (half working 1x10 guitar amp that doesn't get loud, and a 1x12 combo bass amp that either sounds like butt or doesn't really work so it has to get cranked in the monitor). Since this is my original music project I want to feel comfortable on stage and have a sound that is vital to the experience of the band (it's a duo but we are essentially a power rock trio in the vein of nirvana / rage against the machine / zeppelin etc...) I just picked up a
    Victoria bassman tweed 4x10 so the guitar department is good to go :bassist:. However I don't have my own bass rig and as much as I don't want to bring two amps to a gig (since i cover both guitar and bass duties through a splitter and octave pedal), the bass needs to have a solid amount of power so when people hear us they'll wonder where the bass player is instead of the sound having more bass frequencies but not punchy or loud enough to make the guitar and bass amp distinguishable from each other.

    So the question i'm asking you bass pro's and lovers of gear is what would be the best and MOST portable bass amp rig (in the vein of an 8x10 ampeg svt setup - but doesn't have to be that big and that would be way too heavy for transportation in uber XL's). Something light and portable, but still packs a punch and can hold it's own against a dave grohl drummer and a cranked bassman 4x10 tweed combo.

  2. Class-d and neodymiums. I use Markbass and a Sansamp VT Bass DI for that ampeg sound. If you have the chance to use a PA (one line out to the bass-amp on stage, the DI-out of the Sansamp to the PA) you might not need too many speakers. The best size/weight/power ratio might still be the Markbass 121P, maybe with an additional speaker it will be loud enough? I use it without an extra speaker and set it to 9 o'clock max, even at an outdoor gig, but Nirvana/Zeppelin is a different terrain. Maybe some rockers would recommend other class-d amps or at least other speaker-cabinets.
  3. Steve Brickman

    Steve Brickman

    Feb 26, 2016
    Also what I've noticed since i'm playing a guitar with octave down vs. an actual bass; the sound to start with lacks the bottom beafy ness that the bass naturally has. I've found heads with a pre and post help my specific scenerio because the pre helps give it back some beef and body along with a workable EQ to cut the high's and boost the lows / low mids. Also having a head with a direct out that comes after the head preamp (so the DI signal FOH is getting is not just straight DI but the color and boost of the head).
  4. All possible with the Markbass. The VLE - Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator - works good for purposes like this (kind of low pass filter). I sometimes play a Fender Bass VI through an old Boss OC-2 through the Markbass.
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    Sep 14, 2010
    the fender rumble series gets a lot of praise here a solid 1x15 should work or a 2x12

    likewise are you using a tracking octave down pedal which is just a square wave oscillator for the octave down. those have tracking errors and square wave tone gets old yes.

    a actual pitch shifter works better
    since its actual string tone being pitched down.
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