Portable power with Xantrex X-Power Powerpack 1500-Watt Backup Power Pack (CP1044140)

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  1. Hi all,

    Thinking of using one of these to run bass, keys, and guitar amp for busking. Says it can run up to 1500 w. I know that the draw from our instruments won't be more than 600 for bass, another 400 for guitar AND keys. None of that will be continuous. It's portable. It's powerful. It's rechargeable. Why isn't anybody talking about using these? I read something about you need a pure sine wave inverter, deep cycle batteries, blah blah. But this is all built into a cart with wheels already on it. Seems like a no-brainer. Noisy?
  2. Note: This calculation is doubling tbe wattage output of the amps.
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    Dec 25, 2011

    See attached spec sheet. Not sure if this is the correct item...I could not find CP1044140 and this is the product listed as their 1500W powerpack.

    The spec sheet says surge of 3000W. The downside. Modified Sine output, which can cause noise and some digital gear doesn't work well with it. It's pretty heavy at 54.5lbs. Make sure you look at the run times. At 1000W the run time is only 19 minutes.

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  4. This modified sine wave might work for you.
    Some of these power packs have lead acid batteries with are heavy and take a long time to recharge. That too might be OK for you.
    YMMV, IMHO, ...
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  5. Me thinks to go for a homemade unit with pure sine wave inverter hooked up to deep cycle marine batteries.