Portishead chord identification

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  1. I have been trying to transcribe a song by Portishead called "Wandering Star". I came up with F# ( 1P4 ↑1d4 1P4 1d4) or Bm (i6 VI i6 v). It reminds me of another song that I am working on "2wicky" by Hooverphonic. The bass just plays the root and a xylophone plays the 5 then 5+ then m6 then 5+. I think the progression might be Bbm (i iv64 VI64 iv64). I was hopeing someone could confirm or correct these progressions.
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    Sounds to me like B minor. The progression is...


    (By Bm/F#, I mean Bm with F# in the root, i.e. second inversion)

    so the roman numerals would be:
    i VI i V
    (note the last V is uppercase... it's harmonic, not natural minor)

    those i's should be i64 if you want to use the figured bass notation.

    2wicky is Bb minor:

    this song reminds me of Sun is Shining by Bob Marley
  3. Thank you, I will try this on my keyboard tonight. :)
  4. That sounded like it, thank you again.
  5. I played the Hooverphonic chords some more, and think the progression might be (i VI/i IV7/i iv7/i ) or (i VI6 IV43 iv43)
    I don't hear the Eb in the second chord so that would make it VI6?