Positive Grid Bias Amp

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    Positive Grid was at SNAMM showing off the entire line of products. They had a Bias Amp there, but no basses and only did demos with guitars. It supposedly models Qof the current amps and cabs by well known manufacturers.

    Has anyone here demoed one or own one? If so, your opinion of this new modeling head.
  2. Hard to believe nobody here is using these. Any one care to comment?
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    Heck, the only reviews I could find at all were on Sweetwater....and they all seem to be guitar players.

    The marketing casually mentions bass, but it seems really marketed toward guitar.
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    From everything I've seen and read the Bias head is the least accurate (still good) in terms of replication of amps. I know nothing i heard impressed me with its modeling.

    That's not to say it doesn't have great tones, because it does. If someone were to show me a modeled sample of an amp that wasn't in the room, it'd be about 80% convincing, and probably indistinguishable in a mix. Having heard a couple side-by-sides though, there's tonal holes.
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    Premier Guitar reviewed one last year and although they liked it there were some software issues that still needed to be worked out. The article is probably online.
  6. I suppose the Kemper is the way to go. My buddy's been using one on guitar for about a year and he doesn't want anything else except perhaps a lunchbox sized 100w Marshall.
  7. Positive Grid has great plugins!
    Hope they don't spend too much effort trying to repackage those into a hardware/All-in-one head.
    The bass market just isn't keen for this kind of tech.
    I'd rather see them focus on their plugins. Add new updates, and new features and platforms to their plugins.
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    I have tried their hardware distortion pedal but have not tried the Amp. They are allegedly soon shipping a micro-type amp as well. The smaller package less watts may/may not be more interesting.
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    Like the OP just wondering if anyone is using one of these? I'm potentially interested in one as the demo I've heard sounds pretty decent. The new 300watt bass version might work for me as it seems pretty versatile.

    Here is a demo I stumbled across this afternoon:
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    That was the video that convinced me to buy this amp. I absolutely LOVE this thing. Currently playing it through a Mesa Powerhouse 4x10.

    Full disclaimer though that I am not a tone aficionado! The default bass amp models sound good to me but I am using them as great-sounding amp models in their own right as opposed to trying to trick someone into thinking that they are hearing an Ampeg/GK/whatever.

    The best feature for me is the cloud feature where other users upload their custom settings for other users to download and try out.
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    I've been fooling around with both the bias mini bass amp and the Positive Gridsoftware on an Ipad and Macbook. So far, I'm mighty impressed but I suspect part of it is that I'm kind of new to tube amp flavors. Amazing I've gotten this far without exploring what tubes do to increase fatness, generating a bloodyminded rich bass tone. My amps have all been too clean to yield it. I played a gig yesterday with the bias mini instead of my usual Warwick 1000 watt amp. I absolutely loved the tone the bias generated.

    A few things about the mini (and why I probably will return it).

    It doesn't do bias FX, just bias amp modelling.

    It has no auxiliary input which is absurd since it connects by USB or bluetooth that don't enable you to connect to anything else besides bias amp.

    I don't think it sounds any different from playing the same amp models through an ipad.

    I do love the versatility in amp modeling made possible with bias amp, and at a reasonable price though I'd want to hear other people's impressions of the sound quality and reliability. I'm thinking about going with a Focusrite Itrack and McMillen softstep. That should enable me to run and control bias FX, bias mini and loopy which would be a sweet combination.
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  12. I think the software is great. PC, Mac, and IOS
    The sure have hit the sweet spot.

    I would not be too surprised if the Mini was actually a Linux SOC system using essentially the same software.
    It would sound the same if it is the same. The form factor of the mini is more for those who like a "Head" form.