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    Jan 13, 2000
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    I am starting to think about getting an 8 string bass (probably the Dean Rhapsody 8 8-String Bass ) and I wanted to know people's opinions on them. How different is the sound from a regular 4 string? how about ease of play? Do you play it more with a pick or fingers to get the best full sound out of the string pair? Is the Dean a decent (though cheap at ~$550) version of an 8-string? any info is appriciated.

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    I don't know how the Deans are built but it's traditional to play a bass like this by hitting the high string of a pair first. If you're gonna play it with a pick, you'd want the high string further from the floor. I think that's how most of these basses (and 12-string guitars) are set up. If you play fingerstyle, though, you'd want the higher string CLOSER to the floor so your finger would hit it first.

    I suppose the bass you buy kind of dictates how it wants to be played. Of course, there's nothing wrong with playing "off-standard", but I do remember reading about a studio character in new York who had to custom-order an 8-string built with the high string closer to the floor because he was planning to play it primarily fingerstyle and wanted to hit the high string first.
  3. I got one and I'm looking to sell... I liked it a lot but... it doesn't blend with my band at all. I do a lot of unison lines and it just sounds wierd when you play fast runs. I don't know if you really want to hit the high string first like ELi was saying. on the Dean the bass is string is closer to the floor. I like playing it that way better because it sounds more like a bass than a guitar with a bass string. It's a fun bass. I have a thread about it. somewhere. If you got more questions, fire.