Possible Bass Software Upgrades for Pod X3?

Discussion in 'Line 6' started by BrentSimons, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Hey Rich,
    Really nice to see someone from Line 6 taking a keener interest into the bass world. Some of the things I was bummed to see deleted from the Bass XT's to the X3 were...
    1)The effects crossover for the modulation effects
    2)The ability to add in direct sound to your patches. This helps quite a bit when using the stomp boxes.
    3) Wah- You guys really need to adjust this for more bass frequencies or add another model.
    4) Auto Wah- Again this is set too high for bass.
    Any chance these could be an add on to the X3?
  2. richrenken


    Apr 22, 2009
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    I don't work specifically on POD but I work with the guys so I am going to pass this along. Thank you.
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    I use my X3 pretty often on sessions. I like to just send the digital (spdif) output to save project studios' a pre...

    I asked this looong ago on the Line 6 native forum, but is there any way to make the spdif output mute in tuner mode? While it sounds like the modeling is shut off, the unaffected instrument still passes through... please Line 6, help a brother out!