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Possible cheap alternative to Redeemer?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by eutgard, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I'm very satisfied with my Redeemer equipped P.

    Sadly, result of DIY FET & OP amp impedance buffer was not so good - too much noise.

    I've found following product from http://www.artecsound.com/vtc.html

    It's VTB1.




    It's kind of variable gain - with onboard trim pot - onboard clean signal booster.

    Single FET class A circuit.

    And you can bypass it with toggle.

    I've contacted company and they said it lowers impedance of input signal to output impedance of 'less than ten' kilo ohms.

    Luckily it's made in Korea and so I've ordered one.

    It's about USD 10 per a unit.

    I will test it with minimum gain setting.

    If you're interested, ask the dealer location at http://www.artecsound.com/contact-us.html
  2. I don't know why you had trouble with noise....I've not had any issues with noisy opamp OR FET gain-only preamps (aka "buffers")...
    the description of the VTB1 says that it is an "FET class A" circuit...so it must be quite similar to those FET circuits talked about in the other redeemer thread
  3. Yes, I think it's virtually same circuit as many DIY FET pres out there.

    Regarding noise... I don't have ability to solve that problem :crying: because my guitarist who made it for me is busy making Trainwreck replica now.
  4. you let a guitarist make them for you? ok...that explains it...:D (just joking, of course ;) :meh: )
  5. Never had any noise issues with a buffer. I use 2SK170's and sometimes 2SK117's for FETs. It's possible to make a virtually noiseless buffer with these, even with a very low (tens of microamperes) supply current.
  6. too much distortion on both recordings to hear a good comparison...however, I think the VTB1 may have promise...can you adjust your levels and try recording again, please?
  7. Here is another short clip of VTB1 equipped Bacchus J with serial/parallel switch

    Neck & bridge full

    Tone pot removed

    VTB1 at minimal gain setting


    Play that funky music: VTB1 bypass + JJ parallel

    Enter Sandman: VTB1 bypass + JJ serial

    Smoke on the water: VTB1 on + JJ parallel

    Scale?: VTB1 + JJ serial

    Play that funky music: VTB1 bypass + JJ parallel

    It's not me who's playing :meh:
  8. new clips coming soon...
  9. Either your bass, your cable(s), or your VTB-1 is generating a great deal of noise...and when you turn on the VTB-1 it REALLY stands out...although the noise is present in both modes...

    There's definitely more "clarity" with the VTB-1. But again, this only causes the noise to stand out more...

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