Possible fix for compressors & envelope filters

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  1. I'm sure a lot of bassists use a compressor before there effects to even out their string hits, or even just allow different techniques to be used without giant volume changes. But at the same time I love how envelope filters react to my fingers and movement is the right hand but it seems like I can have the best of both...

    Or you could have a loop build into the pedal that goes first in your chain and reacts to the playing but doesn't affect the audio, the later in the pedal line you have the actual input & output of the envelope, kinda like the Boss NS-2.

    Food for thought anyway.

    P.S. My pedalboard went down mid show the other night and had to fix it on the fly, good fun :p
  2. gustobassman

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
    I use a compressor after my Filter Twin to even out the volume spikes - I have both pedals set on its own loop using a One Control White Loop. The green loop is my "normal" tone and the red loop has the FT and the comp. It's flash-switching so no tap dancing between loops.

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    I usually put the filter first, along with any other effect that benefits from a wide dynamic range. Then compression, then any effects that benefit from reduced dynamic range.
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  4. Dan Neilsen

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    Apr 23, 2017
    I used to put my envelope filter first and then my compressor but i recently changed my board (for the better)
    Now i have two chains that are merged by a blender
    Chain a - bass -> compressor -> blender
    Chain b - bass -> envelope filter -> other fx -> blender
    In this way i get the solid punch i want from my compressor but it dosnt squash the dynamics i get from the envelope filter
    Best of both worlds.
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