Possible Steven Fryette prototype?

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  1. I should’ve waited to start this thread till I got home as I do not have anymore than two photographs of this on my phone.

    long story short, I bought a brand new acoustic b300hd head and after a gig that along with half my bands gear (75% mine) was stolen from my guitarists vehicle right outside the venue. We had shows lined up that whole week so I had to go in direct for a minute. At the time I used a bass with passive emg’s and active eq.

    Well I got tired of that so I went searching with a $100 budget for a head. I ended up in either a pawn shop or sam ash music store. I saw this beast AFAC2BA6-C7F6-4F75-AFCC-A015C6C6F649.jpeg

    (it’s taken apart in this photo) i’ll add more when I get home from work. Im just impatient and have to do this now. Little bit obsessed with this forum..

    It’s old it’s dated 70’s I will aqquire the serial # too. But most importantly, it has a name on the back handwritten.

    ‘Steve Fryette’

    Now honestly for an almost 50Lb dinosaur head for $100, I was sold. I tested it with my EV B-115 cab and it pushed a lot of sound. This thing was powerful.

    you can see here on the main board it says Gallien Krueger.

    Funny thing is, I sent an email over to the Fryette business. Their response was ‘That isn’t ours we have nothing to do with that’ something along the lines of that..

    Im curious. Should I try to figure this out or just accept that someone wrote his name on the head to make it sell easier.

    (again more photos will be up in a matter of hours)
  2. Looks like a '70s GK 400B that's been messed with a bit, at least cosmetically. Fryette was a repair tech at the Valley Arts shop in LA in the late '70s, so it's entirely possible he owned/repaired/modded it back in the day. Still, wouldn't really be a VHT/Fryette product in the official sense, but a great old amp either way!
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  3. @The Eristic

    Interesting. So maybe this guy modified it perhaps. I was surprised at how good it sounded. In a couple hours i’ll upload more photos of the Outside. I just wish the fryette business was more into it.
  4. image.jpg you can see right there ‘cstm by steve fryette’