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Possible to get a 'ric sound' out of a 1x18 speaker?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by HWK2, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. I ask only because this is a freaking huge speaker, and I wasn't sure about treble response or anything like that.. or am I way off?

    If I'm not,my other option is 2x15.. any better? The head is an Acoustic 370 (from 1974)
  2. stevekim


    Feb 11, 2000
    los angeles, ca
    if you do use the 301 cabinet make sure the bright switch on the 370 is engaged. also, dropping the 400hz and 300hz slider on the graphic eq helps bring out some "growl". hope this helps.
  3. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    An 18 is good for one thing, big bottom end. Treble respose out of an 18 is worthless. 2x15 is a good all around cab. Make sure you have enough juice to push it properly.

  4. Yeah, the 370 is plenty powerful... I always have the 300hz and 400hz sliders way down.. it hums like mad (and its not my bass either, even when its not plugged in it hums)... it just irritates me.. How would you suggest setting my Treble/Middle/Bass and graphical EQ to best suit a Ric, assuming I plug the 2x15 into it? I know its to taste, but wheres a good starting point?
  5. stevekim


    Feb 11, 2000
    los angeles, ca
    there is a ground switch (it's to the left of the power switch) that you may want to switch. this may be the problem. my 370 is pretty quiet. i'm not too sure about a 2x15. i did use one with an acoustic 2x15 loaded with electro voice 15-l's a while back and i remember it got a decent amount of high end. you're right, it's very subjective, but i would recommend starting off with the bright switch off, the 400hz and 300hz sliders down, and the mids cut just a bit.
  6. I'd hope that GND switch would work too, but nadda :( Im not sure what it is, but the higher I boost treble, or the more the 300hz or 400hz sliders go up the more the damned thing hums. Stupid amp.. oh well, its LOUD, and sounds good either way.. humming... driving me... mad :D

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