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Possible to play Orion with 2 fingers?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by ghouldani, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. ghouldani


    Sep 14, 2005
    If so how long did you spend practicing? I've been looking into this...
  2. Agent000


    Jan 23, 2005
    It depends on which two fingers you have. I imagine if all you had were two thumbs it would be pretty tricky. I fortunately still have all ten fingers, so am unable to accurately answer your question.
  3. metalguy2


    Dec 26, 2004
    Probably.. ..

    If you got your picking that fast with your index and middle finger you could possibly give alot of other bass players a run for thier money. But then take into consideration that all the people who use three fingers will be able to do that same exact thing... Cleaner.. more efficiently. Ending up less tired than someone picking with 3 fingers.
  4. I originally learned this as one of the 2nd or third full songs I learned back in 97, but I do remember that originally I had to play it at half speed until my coordination got to the point where I could effectively play it at full speed, with two fingers. I only started adding my ring finger into my playing 2 or 3 years ago.
  5. Tash


    Feb 13, 2005
    Bel Air Maryland
    I play Orion and most other metallica songs with 2 fingers. Orion isn't that fast, even the solo (the quick licks are mostly legato).

    The only stuff I used 3 fingers for are quick triplets like Battery and Damage Inc.

    So its totally possible, but it might not be the easiest route for you.
  6. Audiophage


    Jan 9, 2005
    Orion's fast parts aren't that fast, but I know where you have problems. The actual phrasing of the "fast" riff is a little different. Try slowing the recording down with windows media player or something comparable so you can really get where everything goes.
  7. ghouldani


    Sep 14, 2005
    Windows? I must burn my eyes for seeing that god forsaken brand name on my screen. I've used media player before but I never knew you could slow stuff down...
  8. Audiophage


    Jan 9, 2005
    Yeah, wmp can slow down audio files without change in pitch. It has an odd artifacting effect, but its good enough to get the phrasing of some faster riffs down better. I'm sure other programs could do much better, but for coming free with my computer it does pretty well.
  9. brothernewt

    brothernewt Some people call me the stormtrooper of love...

    Apr 13, 2004
    Happyrock, OR
    assuming you're speaking about your picking hand... yes. if not... i'd say use all four... :eyebrow:
  10. Geezerman


    Nov 28, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Eh is it hard? WHich part is "fast" to you guys? I learned it with two just curious on where it gets hard.
  11. Depends how good you are at fingers. The solo is pretty easy. Most of it is, but there are some tricky parts if your not fingerfluent.
  12. d8g3jdh

    d8g3jdh Guest

    Aug 9, 2005
    Just learned it this past week or so, with 2, not too hard, still perfecting the fast part that starts at 14 on the D, have yet to tackle the solo and a few of the variations after the time sig change (although those arent fast). It isnt too hard, but then again im not sure about the solo, ill wait and see
  13. rashbeep


    Jul 15, 2005
    Toronto, ON
    i could play that with 2 fingers until i reached about 4 months of playing..??
  14. Unchain

    Unchain I've seen footage.

    Jun 20, 2005
    Tucson, AZ
    It's not hard with two fingers, a breeze with three but to me, hella hard with a pick.
  15. Yea, I play this song with 2 fingers, and it didn't take that long to learn either... The only part that caused a bit of a struggle was the first breakdown (starts on 14th fret (E) on the D string) I wasn't usually getting all of the 4 low notes in before the higher one.... instead I was only hitting 3... which sounds fine, but to play it right i just had to slow it down by about 10bpm and just practice consistantly getting all 4 notes in.... after a while it becomes natural and you can speed it back up again... theres no part in Orion that can't be played with 2 fingers, I can do it, and my 2-finger speed is nothing special... and in the solo towards the end of the song, alot of the speed is deceptive, he used alot of hammer on's in that solo so its really not that har to play with 2 fingers
  16. I am a very below average bass player and I too find Orion to not be all that fast, sure i can't do the solo but i can play nearly everything else with just 2 fingers, I have found Blackened is easier with two fingers as well, just my $0.02.