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Possible Warmoth Project

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Michael Jewels, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Keep it a single pup bass like the Jackbass

    7 vote(s)
  2. Ric set up 1. P pup near neck, JC pup in MM position

    13 vote(s)
  3. Ric set up 2. JC pup near neck, P pup in MM position

    0 vote(s)
  4. JC pup near neck, Jazz pup in MM position

    5 vote(s)
  1. Hello, everyone.

    As some of you know, I have owned an Epiphone Jack Casady bass for about 12 years now. At present it's on the fritz: the volume control spins, and the output jack is shot. These two problems are not major ones to fix, but instead of fixing them, I'm thinking about taking the pickup and tone system out of the Jackbass, and putting them in a Warmoth body.

    I love the tone of the Jackbass, but I must admit that after I play my JC, and then pickup one of my solid bodies, I realize that the JC was a bit on the uncomfortable side to play.

    The body will most likely be a P body, but I'm also considering a J body or a G4 body. (Gecko)

    At present, I'm up in the air as to pickup placement, and whether or not to make it a two pickup bass.

    So, if I keep it a one pup bass, where would you place the pickup?

    If I make it a two pickup bass, I'm leaning towards a Rickenbacker-type set up: one pup near the neck, and the second in roughly the MM position.

    Right now, I'm thinking of a reverse position P pup (Mark Hoppus) in the neck, and the Jack pickup in the MM spot.

    I'm open to all suggestions, and I've included a poll.

    Tell me what you think.

    This project is dependent on funds, so I'm not promising this will be done soon, but I do want the Jackbass electronics to go into a solid body.


  2. verycoolname


    Jan 28, 2013
    Voted for the second option, because it's super cool and unique...and I imagine it'd sound awesome!
  3. Thanks for your input, verycoolname, which, by the way is a very cool name! :cool: ;)

    I've always been a fan of single pickup basses, as you just play them, and don't concern yourself about different sounds.

    At present, I'm considering options 1 and 2.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

  4. wild4oldcars


    Jan 22, 2012
    Garner, NC
    Possibly the JC the stock distance from the bridge (i assume around p-position), and a j or a real musicman at the bridge? you could place and split the mm to emulate 60s and 70s jazz spacing, plus both coils in series/parallel if you're really trying to up the tonal possibilities/refinements.
  5. Another good suggestion; thanks, wild4oldcars.

    I was just thinking: The JC pickup is supposed to be low impedance.

    I wonder if this will cause any issues if it is run with a P or J type pickup?

    Keep those ideas coming.

    Mike ;)
  6. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Hello Michael. I voted option 2. Have fun with the build and hope it turns out well.
  7. Well hello there, old buddy! :hyper:

    Our paths haven't crossed in quite a while, but then again, I haven't been here as much as I used to.

    How are you?

    As for the project, I like to see what the rank and file think about the pickup options.

    Mike :)