Possibly/probably stupid Fuel Tank Jr question, but I'm asking it anyway...

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  1. The Fuel Tank Jr description on Tonefactor's page says (emphasis mine)...

    "Fuel Tank Junior comes with 10 standard pedal cables and a link cable that lets you power 5 separate units (total maximum of 120mA) off a single output."

    Does this mean that up to five pedals can be powered off of each individual Tank output (as in; daisy-chaining off of each output) without overloading the whole thing?
  2. PostApocalypso


    May 21, 2010
    The Canada
    Links: Product Page and Manual.

    If your question is "can I run 25 pedals by using a 5 output link cable in each of the 5 isolated outputs on the unit" I would suppose there is nothing to prevent that. You shouldn't 'overload' the unit unless you try to run more than 120mA off an isolated output.
  3. I wasn't planning on maxing out each input...my main concern is whether or not using it would limit me to five pedals in total, which seems to be better answered in the manual.

    Thanks for the links...if this morning's coffee had kicked in earlier, Id have thought of that.
  4. Eric!

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    Seems like maybe they're just assuming some sort of 24mA per pedal convention..

    Edit: Or, since the cable only has 5 jacks :facepalm:
  5. PostApocalypso


    May 21, 2010
    The Canada
    That line in the manual is somewhat confusing, like you can't put a pedal in the chain if it has more than 24mA, that is to say, you couldn't chain 50mA + 20mA + 20mA even though it's much less than the 120mA of the output--that doesn't make much sense. Would have been better to say "do whatever you want but don't cram more than 120mA of pedals on each independant output".
  6. t3ch


    Nov 17, 2007
    I don't know the technical answer to this question. I do know that the Fuel Tank Jr I had before was running several 1-spot daisy chains off several outputs and it worked fine.

  7. OK, that right there basically answers my question, and thanks for that!

    The manual does seem to suggest that only one 18V pedal can be used, tho...correct? So far all of mine are 9V, but I'm trying to think ahead to when I may have something other than 9V...
  8. walterw

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    Feb 20, 2009
    i don't see why.

    any two outs in series (using a special cable) will give you 18V; you could use 4 outs to drive 2 18V pedals, or if the pedals together don't take more than the 120mA each out can provide, you could daisy chain them off of one "18V pair" of outs.
  9. Wren and Cuff

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    According to the manual, you get 120ma for each isolated output (as you've mentioned). This is good. It means the fuel tank Jr. isn't a glorified daisy chain. Isolated outputs are a very nice thing. That word "isolated" is what you won't see on a really cheap daisy-chain in a box unit.
    As others have mentioned, the unit could care less if you have 1 or 100 pedals, as long as the ma's aren't exceed. And 120ma isolated on each is a good healthy amount for most typical FX pedals. You do want to be careful with big power suckers like digital delays etc. Try to spread out your outputs evenly.
    For instance, lets say you have 4 overdrives and 3 digital delays, just to keep it simple. If you want to daisy chain off the outputs, put each digital on a separate output. Then, you'll be fine daisy-chaining 1,2, or even 3 overdrives next to one of the delays. Just stay away from two digitals, daisy chained, sharing one output.
    Overdrives and fuzzers don't need much juice to keep them happy. A boss DS-1 for instance (the old faithful orange distortion) is only going to suck 4ma! so in theory you could run 30 of them off one output.
    But a DD-6 digi delay is wanting around 65ma.
    So a DD-6 + a couple distortions is well within the safe zone, but two DD-6's on one output is asking for trouble.
    I also believe Walter is correct. Nothing wrong with two 18V pedals, but it'll cost you 4 outputs.
    Hope this helps... -matt
  10. Oh yeah..that tells me a lot, and actually answers a couple of questions I hadn't thought of yet, mostly on the delay side.

    What I'm thinking about in general is - clean boost > OD/fuzz/other dirt x2, maybe x3 > VT Bass used as a pre > octave > chorus > maybe delay > tuner and out to the amp and powered by the Fuel Tank.
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    just bumping this because this question has come up a few times. Every other time I've addressed this, I feel like it got a bit too technical, but last night, I was able to articulate it in a way I hadn't before.
    Guess I'm fishin' for compliments... :p
    But really, I remember when a bit of info like this made things so much easier and saved so many headaches when I was learning about gear and such so I hope maybe it'll help someone else trying to sort out daisy chains, power-supplies, etc.
  12. I'll bite - as I said up there, you answered a bit more than I originally asked, and I appreciate it!

    There...does that get me a discount on a Pickle B?

    ...sorry, just another 'couldn't help it' moment there, and I do appreciate the info, seriously.
  13. Wren and Cuff

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    I can't do business via this forum but you can email us anytime. ;)
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    Thread Hijack!

    Manual says it includes a Y cable for 18 Volt pedals. Could you reverse this cable to pedal 2 9v pedals out of 1 output or are the jacks different?

    I know it comes with the 5 plug daisy chain, I just have 6 pedals and would prefer to go with the Y cable if possible for neatness.

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