Post Pfunk Farewell George Report

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    Allright well, the show was last Tuesday in NYC, on Central Park's Summerstage.

    The show was great! One surprise to me was the inclusion of much newer material, alongside the classics. The band was so tight. Amazing. Such a good time and good vibe all around.

    They did end promptly at 10pm, which I have to admit was slightly surprising. I am used to seeing them in little clubs and the gigs would sprawl on. This is the first time I saw P-funk and they didn't do "Maggot Brain", but Michael Hampton was present and wailing away on a number of tunes.

    The bassist, Lige Curry, has always been super-mellow in stage presence.

    The ladies up front, just..oh my.

    George had an outfit that looked like a cross between a ringmaster and tuxedo. It all seemed to go by too fast. I saw the last wave of his mighty hand before he left the stage. At 77, brother deserves a good retirement. He looks good. Lost a lot of weight, seems healthy. Good for him. I'm hoping these aren't his last ever shows, but just a retirement from touring. That funkin' can be hard on you.

    Some clips I did not take :
    2 or 3 generations on stage...

    While the show was shorter than I am used to them being, I was in for a surprise. I don't know why, maybe because I dressed up a bit and danced nonstop, but I got invited to the Aftershow in the Sony building!!! There were no more than 200 people at that. Dumpstaphunk and Fishbone rocked out til was...just freaking legendary...unforgettable!

    While George and the other elders' bus had moved on, many of the younger P-funk members were in the Aftershow audience, so I got to shake hands and nods and soforth. Good "kids". I hope they can keep funkin' on after the retirement tour.

    I also got the very last Farewell Tour T-shirt they had, off the display rack. Wore it to a local Funk show the following Friday night.

    The end of an era, and all good funky things must come to an end. But a P-funk party don't stop!!!
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