Post pics of your Warwick basses.

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  1. Since I just got my warwick and took pics.. and I've seen a few scattered pics of other warwicks, lets get all of those sexy pics in here. hehe :D

  2. Here are three I used to own.
    Great basses, wish I hadn't sold them.
    The 5 had LED's and three 9v batteries, although it was a bit heavy.

    Streamer, Thumb 4 & 5, all through necks.

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    Spike is that a old fender bassman cab ?
  4. Yes, still got the orig 4x12 Oxford speakers in it.
    Great cab for smaller gigs, but I retired it a couple of years ago. Just use it for home rehersal now.
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    Jan 25, 2001
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    Ok - '94 Thumb - I've had it since new - no problems with the MECS - apart from the tops are really smooth now where the strings hit them (I like to 'dig in' a bit !). Its required one tweak of the truss rod in all that time - advantages of a the baseball bat neck I s'pose !

    I nearly didn't buy this bass, it was in the shop for a couple of weeks and I was refusing to try it out 'cos I knew if I did I'd have to buy it. Anyway one day I tried it and its been with me ever since. Just put a set of Prisms on it (after being reccomended to try them on this wonderfull forum) and Wow is the only way to describe the sound. Typical Warwick sound - but with a lot more top-end in the growl...

    My amp behind it was still warm from tonights gig when I took the picture :D