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Post your Gig Revenge Stories here!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by unbasslichkeit, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. These can be Club Owner revenge stories, if you want. For example: Band does gig, club owner refuses to pay band; unbeknowst to club owner, bass player is either (1) a City building inspector in his day job; or (2) an IRS auditor. Club closes down mysteriously a couple days later....

    My favorite: went to downtown Baltimore in 1988 to play a Halloween night to find another band setting up. When I talked to the club owner about it, club owner's wife is there and she says "I don't even know who you are."

    Mad, tired, I go down to the other end of the main drag where a friend's duo is playing to a growing crowd. I offer to sit in for nothing just for something to do, and my offer is accepted.

    About midnight the house is packed and I spot the bartender from former club. He says he came down because the place he works closed early - there was a lot of road construction on their side of the strip and the place was just not worth going to.

    I also got a piece of the door for the sit in - not much, but enough to cover expenses.
  2. Mach1FT


    Jan 5, 2006
    Manchester NH
    Not sure if I would call it revenge, but I once deflated a helium balloon In my old singers face while he was trying sing ZZ Tops LaGrange :hyper:
  3. Diggler


    Mar 3, 2005
    Western PA
    That's great. I'm going to have to remember that.
  4. haha awsome:D
  5. The Owl

    The Owl

    Aug 14, 2005
    Atlanta GA
    Circa 1986, playing with Insect Affect on the infamous LA club circuit.

    Got booked at the cavernous Music Machine (which I hear no longer exists). We get the scapegoat slot, meaning we go on at midnight or so (a weeknight of course), the soundman was totally rude to us and they even mispelled our name on the marquee.

    Wel anyway, our devious/mischievious lead singer captured a rather HUGE cockroach in a small container of some sort, and turned the little bastard loose from onstage right at some staff member. We didn't care, we swore we would NEVER EVER play that koint again anayway. They were less than thrilled. :D
  6. jdlwareagle


    Nov 13, 2005
    Mobile , AL
    Played a club gig back in the eighties in a small town in Georgia . At the end of the week as the club owner was paying us , we were shorted and informed that it had been a slow week . After a heated discussion with said club owner ,
    we were getting no where and resolved to pack our gear , lick our wounds and never return . As the last few pieces of gear were being taken out , I noticed our drummer standing in front of the ice maker . No , he didn't !?! Yes , he urinated in the ice !!!
  7. Bassmanbob

    Bassmanbob Supporting Member

    Many years ago, there was this bar owner that had a reputation for double booking the same night and accept the band who decided to play for less money. He knew that every one was pissed about this type of thing, but continued to do it on certain nights. I was in this pretty popular college band that worked regularly. The above mentioned owner double booked us and another band on a Saturday night. We show up and there is another band who was willing to play for $50 less than us, so he gave the booking to them.

    A month later, we were booked there again for Saturday night, but knowing he had no other band booked. So we showed up at our gig that night-- across town in another bar. He was pissed and said that we would never work locally again. He was wrong; we didn't skip a beat with our gig schedule at all. We just never played there again.

    I don't recommend this to others. We were just cocky and we were getting ready to call it quits in a couple of months with members of the band getting ready to go on with different parts of their lives. It was the right time with the right band under the right circumstances.

    But it was great!
  8. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    It was a slow night so the owner wanted to short us. I had to attempt the "but you agreed to . . . " conversation because I booked the gig. I lost the argument, and he left and sent a bartender to pay me. She was hot, and wasted. Apparently on slow nights, or maybe any night, they like to drink with the patrons. She was drunk enough not to be able to count very well, so she paid me in full. We left very quickly after that!
  9. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    I'll never forget this one because I'm not a revengeful person and I think this is the only time in my life in which I've felt the sweet flavor of revenge (and it was good!):

    It was 1987. I had like one and a half year playing bass and 1/2 year gigging. I was called for a new band and I was introduced to this guy, the lead singer. He was apparently a nice guy at first, but it didn't take so long to realize that he was a big a***ole. In fact, after 19 years of gigging I haven't found someone closer to him. He's THE ONE. Being 20 and a newcomer, I think I'd quit as a musician after knowing him if I wasn't that determined.

    One Saturday afternoon we were playing a gig. We just finished a set, I was turning off my amp and this guy approached me and said: "Look, I want to tell you something: Please don't be standing still while playing because if you're like that, people are going to say -and please excuse me-: 'That S.O.B. doesn't move' and that isn't good for the band. Why do you think I've been so successful in my career as a singer? Because I dance, I move, I catch people's eyes! Anyway, it's OK bro" (this last sentence while patting my shoulder). I was like :eyebrow: :meh: and thought "well, he said 'and please excuse me' ".

    Some weeks later we were at rehearsal. That was the year in which Los Lobos scored a smash hit with their remake of "La Bamba" for the movie. Of course we had to play it and that was the piece we were rehearsing. This guy (who was an old, seasoned singer) started singing all those old "La Bamba" verses that I perfectly knew. At one moment I stopped the rehearsal and told him: "Look, I want to tell you something: I know all those verses you're singing and they're right. La Bamba is an old tune that I like a lot and know since I was a little kid. But there's a problem: This is a big hit right now and there are lots of young people who haven't heard it before and only know the two verses from Los Lobos version. So, if you start singing all that stuff, people are going to say -and please excuse me-: 'That S.O.B. doesn't know the song's lyrics' and that isn't good for the band". He looked at me like :eyebrow: and said "Well, I don't think they're going to say 'S.O.B.' ". My bandmates who I already told what happened with him before had a tough time trying not to laugh. Me too. :D
  10. verbass


    Apr 26, 2004
    dayville ct
    Back in '92 I was playing a club that was having a slow night. Well we were getting bored and wasted and the owner was like " Hey you guys can party with us . Don't worry about the music.!" well an hour and about three shots and beers later the club starts filling up . We know we're supposed to play and about the time when we are just getting up to take the stage the club owner gets in my drummer's face and starts screaming in his face " I'M PAYING YOU GUYS TO PLAY!" in front of 50 people on the dance floor. So my drummer walks out to his car grabs his kid's Matchboxes and a few Legos and starts "PLAYING" on the monitors. He looks at the owner and says " Is this what you mean by PLAY?"
    We got fired Immediately the cops had to come in with us to get our gear Because the owner wasn't going to let us take it out got all sorts of ugly.

    The Moral of the story... Never be a smartass when you can play dumb.
  11. jgsbass


    May 28, 2003
    Floral Park, NY
    A looong time ago a baid I was in was booked into a club where the owner was notorious for shorting the band and sometimes, not paying at all.Gig ends and the fun starts. He claims poverty and we didn't fill the place. We just want some of the money. Both sides threaten to call the cops. As we're leaving I decide that my apartment needed some bar chairs, the keyboardist decides that their isn't enough liquor in his house etc. We went shopping. Never played there again. Niether did anyone else we knew.
  12. Bassmanbob

    Bassmanbob Supporting Member

    I see you are from Floral Park. I don't know how old you are or when this happened, but the Suite 88 used to be notorious for that. It was in either Stewart Manor or Floral Park. It was just south of Stewart Ave. on the street that dead ends Stewart Ave. Covert Ave??? I used to play there in 1986-87.
  13. That sucks. We haven't had that happen to us much at all. In fact, one show the bar was pretty empty, so the owner stopped taking door and just said he'd pay us a flat rate of like $80(what we usually get at the door). It filled up a bit later, but not that much. And he paid us the agreed price.

    Closest I can think of is we played in a BotB, got second in a playoff round, and one of the perks is you get a paying gig. So the booker was like "if you want, it came be thursday night etc etc", so we agree. When we get there, it turns out that it was another BotB, 'four' bands were scheduled, and 2 didn't show up. No door, didn't get paid. Pissed me off since he said a couple days before that its $5 door and there were 2 bands(us and the other band playing...which was the other band that showed up).
  14. dougjwray


    Jul 20, 2005
    Years ago, the guy in charge of stage lighting at the Opera House in Lexington, Kentucky told me this story:

    Edgar Winter (who happens to be an albino, like his brother) was booked there, and during the afternoon sound check his road crew gave the Opera House people a really hard time. I asked the lighting guy how they retaliated. He shrugged and said, "Simple. During the show, we lit Edgar in nothing but green."
  15. DaftCat


    Jul 26, 2004
    Medicine Hat
    That is very funny. I wish I could have seen it.

  16. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    This isn't humorous, but it's karma returned (sort of).

    I've already vented here @TB about the following: last summer I was asked to sub on a day's notice by a drummer I'd worked with in another project. The gig was 40 miles away and paid only 50 bucks, but he's a great drummer and a good guy so I agreed to help him out. After the gig, the bandleader asked me to sub on the remaining dates at this restaurant. I took the three that didn't conflict with other gigs on my schedule.

    Just a week before the final gig, the bandleader left voicemail that his regular bassist was once again available, so my services weren't needed. Gee, what a nice way to thank a guy who had come to their rescue on short notice, long distance, and low pay. :scowl: I'd had that gig locked on my calendar for months: by rights it was mine, and the other guy should have to sit out. Likewise, I wouldn't have screwed these guys over even if one of my regular bands asked me to play that night on short notice. I called the drummer and politely expressed my disappointment, but didn't burn the bridge or anything.

    So, three Fridays ago, I get voice and email from both the bandleader and drummer saying their regular bassist suddenly fell ill, so could I please help them again that very night? I called the drummer and politely explained that I was already booked. That was mostly true: I didn't have a gig, but one of my bands was auditioning a lead vocalist that evening. History notwithstanding, I would've tried my best to help them out, and probably could've arranged it. But because of the disrespect they'd given me, I wasn't the least bit inclined to inconvenience myself for them. Sorry dudes, maybe next time.

    This wasn't exactly revenge, because I never told them exactly why I declined -- again, I don't want to burn any bridges. Still, it provides a small measure of satisfaction.
  17. jgsbass


    May 28, 2003
    Floral Park, NY
    More revenge
    Split a bill at a restaurant/lounge where we were the top 40 band and the owner was the featured singer/pianist with trio.We shared the drums to save space, time and of course "look". After a few weeks of sharing, the drummer of the house band begins to get a little boistewrous, a little out there with his relationship to our band. Finally it came to a head about something trivial and stupid. We set it up for the last night we played there to loosen up all the hardware, just enough to hold it but to eventually slip. We also know that the band opened with a song that had a small drum solo at the end. The entire kit was slipped by the end of the solo including: ride cymbal, crash cymbal, floor tom, and hi hat clutch. We all watched from the back and oddly enough were never asked back.