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  1. locally we had garnet amps and there was a johnson amp company (a different johnson,and they looked like 60's bassman heads ) in a town west of guessing the during the early days of rock and roll that most cities had at least one or two builders that got fairly popular with the local bands and made some inroads regionally and even nationally......i wonder if there is any interest in posting pix of these.....who made what where and how did they end up......
  2. Jeff Scott

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    We had EMC; currently the only builder around here is Dr. Z, I think. I really would like to see a Dr. Z bass amp. Perhaps I should give him a call. After all, it is a local phone call. :D
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    From Ithaca NY...a bit down the street from us here in Syracuse...

    Tube guitar amps and mods, etc. A friend of my girlfriend, and good folks to party with.
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    We have Yorkville and Traynor. There was also a company called Vibration Technology or VT. Doyle was a speaker cabinet maker.

  5. actually i am interested in the emc too ....the local guy here (gar gillies of garnet amps)built a huge reputation around these parts and were used by bands like the guess who.....i guess a lot of the national brands had the exposure and numbers to eventually drive the regional guys out of the market.....

    i think the local stuff is an interesting read....was it any good,did any notable area bands that got famous use it,did they go to fender or ampeg when they made it big,how was the guy perceived by the local players etc...what happened to them....etc
  6. traynor was fairly common here even when long +mq were on portage avenue in the old winnipeg piano location.....i can remember renting a yba 3 and an 8x10 for a junior high gym gig....never heard of vt or doyle,but i still have 3 1x15 banquox cabs that were made here.....tho the may have started out life as 2x15's geez went and quoted myself insead of bassman paul....d'oh
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    Up until recently, Ampeg (St. Louis Music) was the local brand - they also did their more affordable line (Crate) as well.
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    Really, the local flavor in my neck of it is Carvin. Used to ride my bike there on the weekends when I was growing up with a guitarist friend. Guys at the showroom never seemed to mind that we never ended up purchasing anything (due to relatively no income).
  9. ok i guess i should have disqualified st louis and fullerton .....they would be too big to be considered mere locals.....naw..... any input from those towns is cool too....:smug:
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    Krank was started here in Phoenix.
  11. how long have they been around......and who built the amps for the kids that saw the beatles on ed sullivan and couldn't afford vox,fender,ampeg, etc.....or were the national brands more prevalent than they were here
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    How could I forget GBX? Westbury sound IIRC. I nearly took a job with them when I first came to Canada.

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    My first amp was a YBA-3. :)
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    Jun 20, 2006
  15. are those the ones with the powered cabs
  16. new?
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    i guess i'm about 20 minutes from fender headquarters in corona. i'm 10 minutes away from GC which is turning out to be bad for my checking account...
  18. Jeff Scott

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  19. was it stocked by the dealer,ordered did it stack up with the fenders and ampegs of the day,price n'all....i find it interesting that toronto brands
    wound up in ohio while guys in toronto were buying fenders
  20. Greengrove

    Both in Copenhagen. Though Greengrove has been a little quiet of late... They were designing some cabs a few years ago, but I don't know what's happened to that. I have a feeling it's a 'hobby company', so that's why things are a little slow.