Post your Trace Elliot settings here!!!

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  1. lo-end


    Jun 15, 2001
    Hey, I was fooling around with my TE Commando 15 the other day and I noticed that I get a really excellent tone from it. My technique is heavy pick attack near the bridge with a .73mm pick (just like Mike Dirnt of Green Day). My settings for the amp are as follows:

    Gain: Cranked up all the way

    Bass: +2
    Mid: Cranked up all the way
    Treble: +2

    Deep switch: off
    Mid shift switch: off
    Bright switch: on

    This tone works really well for me. It has a slight distortion and has a ton of punch--like more than you can believe. If you have a TE rig, you gotta pull out that dusty old pick and try these settings!!!

    Now lets see your TE settings!
  2. i have a TE commando 15 and it's a lovely amp, you can get from full on bassy jazz tones to ear piercingly bright slap/pop tones :D

    unfortunatly i can't tell u all my setting's because they change from song to song so i'd be here for hours, but most of the time i have it set up like this:

    Bass: about 8
    mid: about 8
    treble: full

    bass switch: on
    mid switch: on
    treble switch: on

    i mostly use this when playing slap or with pick, i have it more bassy for fingerstyle, hope this was helpful:D


  3. lo-end


    Jun 15, 2001
  4. Well to be honest I'm still playiing with my TE amp!! I've got the AH500-12 head a few months ago and am still exploring it!! It's got the pre-shape, valve drive, compressor, graphic, enhancer!! A lot of the time I just leave it flat and plug the Spector in and that works fine - but if I do much I usually drop the midsa a bit, boost the bass a lot and boost the treble a bit - sort of smiley face!! It sounds good through the 4 x 10 with horn and 1 x 15!!! I really love TE stuff!
  5. SMC300 + 1048H 4X10 cab;

    normally flat, with preshape off, EQ off, compressor on at around 1/4.

    for a more cutting, pick like tone (I play fingerstyle only live and recording), EQ on:
    +3@ 1KHz
    +10 @ 2KHz
    +3 @ 5KHz

    lots of high mids to cut through guitars....