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  1. thanks for close my othere thread...................when ever i start a thread,or some one post in a thread i had said some thing in after july 13 i dont get a notice. any thread i started or posted in befor july 13 ill get a notice when some one say's some thing new, any post i started or said some thing in after that date i have to go and seach for.

    can any one help. i havent change my setting or any thing, basicaly the ssubscribe thread fuction hasnt worked right since july 13 for me.
  2. embellisher

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    Ben, this would probably be better served in the Bug Reports forum down in Paul's Shack. I will be happy to move it there if you want. Or, you could send Paul a PM.

    Let me know.

    People, lay off of Ben about his spelling and grammar. Read his signature.
  3. Thor

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    Ben, go thru all the Mytalkbass options carefully, particulary the section that sorts
    threads you subscribe to. Also the profile options section. Be sure the email option is checked off and that the email address is correct.

  4. embellisher thanks, i cant belive i didnt think to post this there. i havnt change any thing in Mytalkbass options, ill check. its not that iam not getting email's. it just not telling me in mytalkbass . thanks.

    can u move this