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    About this forum:

    The TalkBass Classifieds "For Sale" Forums are designed to be used by TalkBass members to sell personally owned gear to other TalkBass members and visitors. It is not to be used by commercial users (as defined by the Commercial User Policy ). Commercial Sellers are welcome to use the Marketplace Classifieds sub-forum to post their ads.

    How to post:

    You must be a Supporting Member of to post a new thread (ad). All registered users may post replies to other threads.

    How to Mark an Item Sold:
    When your item sells, please lock (close) your thread: When viewing your thread, pull down the "Thread Tools" menu to "Close Thread".


    No Ebay or other auctions. Threads started with the intent to advertise an auction will be deleted. Links to auctions will only be allowed if posted as a reply to an existing (at least one week old) thread originally advertising the direct sale of the same item.

    Mark Sold Items If your item sells, close your thread (see above)

    NO Piggybacking Do not mention your item for sale in another's thread. Create a new thread for each sale.

    Buyer FAQ's
    Courtesy of Blackbird

    Q: What should I do if I’m interested in an item or have a question?

    A: Reply to the post or contact the seller via e-mail or private message.
    NOTE: using the “Report this post to a Moderator” link will NOT contact the seller.

    Q: If I'm 100% sure I'm buying an item, can I post a message saying the item is sold?

    A: No one but the seller can say whether their item is sold or not.

    Q: How do I know if a price is negotiable?

    A: Usually a seller will say if his price is an “Asking price” (open for negotiation) or if it’s “firm” (meaning that’s the final price). “OBO” means “or best offer”, meaning the seller is willing to sell the item for the closest offer to their original asking price.

    Q: What does it mean when someone posts "bump" in a reply?

    A: As you know, when a reply is posted in a thread, the thread is moved back to the top of the Forum. If an advertised item is still for sale after a while and getting buried by newer threads, the seller will sometimes "bump" the thread back up. Since there's nothing to add, the thread author will simply type "bump".

    Q: What if someone’s asking price is too high?

    A: Sellers are entitled to ask any price they want for their item. Please do not contact a seller regarding their prices unless you’re interested in purchasing the item. Also, do NOT question a seller's price in a For Sale thread. Making offers is OK, but thread interference will not be tolerated. (HD's edit)

    Q: Does TalkBass provide any form of buyer/seller protection in the event of a problem?

    A: Transactions between TalkBass members are done at their own risk. TalkBass administrators and moderators do not guarantee that the transactions members choose to engage in are safe and that the descriptions provided by sellers are accurate. Members who choose to buy/sell gear through the TalkBass Classifieds understand that TalkBass, its administrators and moderators are not liable for any loss that may occur due to the use of the Classifieds Forum. But if loss does occur, it is a good idea to let a forum moderator or paul know, in order to help let TB as a whole know about bad business or scams. (clay's edit)

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