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  1. ok guys... here is the score.

    i have bought a new pre amp (artec se3p-a) only i am wanting to add an active passive switch before the signal gets to the pre amp.... its going in a jag, so will use JohnK's thread as my inspiration (and the active passive switch described within)

    my issue comes in two forms.

    1) the pre amp has a master vol (500k pot), could i just take away the pot and connect the input wire (of the pot) to the output wire bypassing the slider within for full volume all the time and just send the ground wire to the ground (will be star grounding)

    2) the blend pot, am i right in thinking its two wires to the pre board are just live and ground (it is what they are labelled), if so shouldn't i be to send the signal from the active passive switch (post master vol and tone) to the live and the ground (as volume pot) to the star ground)

    i hope this has made sense...... really looking forward to having a proper pre amp in the jag..... ive only had it since they were released LOL
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