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pots on a vester(my knob is broken...lol)

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by wannabeabassist, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. wannabeabassist


    Sep 27, 2001
    i recently bought an active 4 string vester(looks like a warwick thumb) i got it really cheap. there are 3 pots one is frozen up and another just dont do any thing.the volume is the only one that works. i would like to replace them because the bass is other wise in great shape. idon't know what pot is what other than the volume wich is in the middle. can ny one tell me what the other two are and where they are located? i'm thinking of replacing them myself but i'm still undecided.is it difficult? what do shops usually charge to have this done? i may replace the pups too . thanks for any help.
  2. Well, My volume pot on my washburn haspacked up completely. only works on the full volume range now. I had to order one from the manufacturer through a guitar store. Most places i rang wanted to charge me $45 because it was a active bass.

    If you know how to solder/desolder then it is easy. Desolder the pot, grab a digital multimeter and measure the value if its not printed on the body of the pot (they do this alot, forces u to order them). Once you know the general value (usually 100K ohms for active and 200K to 500K for passive) go to radio shack and pick one up for $3.

    Although in my case, i have a thicker body and the threads on the pots from the shop were to short, so i had to order the 'modified' version from Washburn. I am still waiting for it.

    As for changing the pickups, well post that down in Pickups. :p

  3. wannabeabassist


    Sep 27, 2001
    thanks merlin,are all pots the same? for example will a volume pot work for a tone?
  4. Yes, they're made outta the same stuff. Just make sure u stick to the correct values as measured/or read off the top of the pot. Also make sure u buy the same type aka Dual gang etc. If you're not sure take the pot(s) into Radio Shack and get them to point u in the right direction.

    Although if u had such a thing as Dick Smith Electronics (Radio Shack australian branch), well they're incompetent so its best u know what to look for. Once i was so waiting for the assistant to go "Do you want fries with that?"



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