Powdercoating a bridge, and what's this?

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    keep it low

    Jan 24, 2013
    Whats goin on erebudy, I'm going to be posting here alot, as I'm completely stripping apart my fender p "deluxe special" and upgrading the fudge out of it. Im ordering a Mike pope preamp and some emgs to recreate vic wooten's sound and putting it in all by myself, and trying to take advantage of my powdercoating dept in the sheet metal factory I work in. So far I've done the knobs and the input jack plate, and I'd like to do the bridge as well but I found this when I took it off. View attachment 313200 does this serve as a ground? If so would it stop me from being able to coat it? Also how about the tuners, do they need complete metal contact with the strings? Whats all that white powder, and also whats this stray hole with more powder in it View attachment 313201
  2. Your pictures didn't show. There usually is a wire going to the bridge that is a ground. If you powder coat it, you'll need to scrape some of the coating of to keep it conductive.

    Tuners should't matter, There are silk ends on strings that aren't conductive.

    White powder is probably sanding dust.